Everything You Wanted To Know About Raising Your Little Crawler

Everything You Wanted To Know About Raising Your Little Crawler

Just feel that you know how your baby will behave, a whole new phase starts. Between 7-12 months of age there’s a lot of teething, weaning, crawling and many other milestones and behavioral changes that can throw parents off guard. Here’s a bunch of common questions about the little crawlers and teethers answered by experts and real mums!


Q: How to stop breastfeeding? Baby has got half lower teeth out and he bites so badly, it bleeds. Please help, it's unbearable now.

A: by Expert Sonali Shivlani: A child will experiment and when they get teeth they try using them in different ways. Normally a child will not bite from where he is being fed and mother's can easily continue breastfeeding even upto two years with the baby having a full mouth of teeth. When baby hurts you move the baby away and firmly say no biting. Don't be dramatic as that can be exciting for the child. If baby persists keep the child down and close your clothes. Do not continue feeding on that feed even if the child raises a fuss. Your child will learn over a few days that this is not to be done.

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Q: Baby is suffering from constipation, please suggest what to do?

A: by Asha Chaudhary: First, please find out what is causing the constipation and avoid white bread, biscuits, anything made of maida, packaged food. Give ragi once a week only. Increase fruits like papaya, veggies like carrot, pumpkin, dudhi - You can grate these and add in dal/rice/khichdi. Give all green veggies and lots of water.

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Q: My 9 month old son just hates drinking water. He spits it out if I try feeding from.a spoon. Does not like to sip from a bottle too. Any tips on how I can make him drink water?

A: Priya Sood: Have fun with water and give only small sips in between. You can drink with him and make it a game. Key is to be inventive

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Q: Got my baby’s vaccination done, got the painless one but she still seems very cranky. Shes moaning,her forehead and hands are warmer than usual, checked her temperature, it was 99.1. I haven’t given paracetamol yet. Any suggestions to soothe and comfort her ?

A:Sumira Bhatia: Even I gave my baby the same the first time around and it didn't quite work as a 'painless' vaccine . The doc said that on most kids painless doesn't cause pain but for some, it does . I guess for your baby unfortunately it did . Keep her close to you and keep breastfeeding her. For my son, rocking him on my lap really helped. I did give crocin and an ice pack . She should be okay by the end of the day. Hang in there!

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