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Inspiration is everywhere. It might be right in front of you or just around the corner. It beckons you when you least expect it, but it can change your life forever. We want you to be inspired every moment, every day. So we brought to you the stories of the Alpha women, those who dared to begin. Here are more stories to be inspired from!


She Mastered the Bagpipe

A self-taught musician from Delhi, Archy J fell in love with the sound of Bagpipes in 2012. There were no online tutorials available back then so she downloaded an ebook to learn. Today she is India’s first female bagpipe artist and a good one at that!


Imagesource: indiatoday


The Country’s First Women’s Ice Hockey Team

In a country where most of the climate is tropical, building an international-level ice hockey team is no child’s play. But the women’s ice hockey team from Ladakh have achieved it. The team’s 20 members have girls from the rural region of Ladakh too. The team made us proud in March 2017 by bagging its first victory ever in an international match.


Imagesource: thesmetimes


She Set up India’s First Feminist Publishing House

Women needed a voice and Urvashi Butalia gave them one. Urvashi is the first Indian to co-found India's exclusive feminist publishing house, ‘Kali for Women’ in 1984. It was set up as a trust to increase the body of knowledge on women in the Third World, and to provide a forum for women writers, creative thinkers and academicians.


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She Brought in India’s first Grammy

Tanvi Shah is a versatile singer and can sing in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and other Latin languages. She has been honored with a Grammy for her contribution to the song “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire (2010), an award she shares with music maestro A.R. Rahman and lyricist Gulzar.


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She Was Famous Even Before Dangal

Geeta Phogat hailed from Balali village in Haryana, where girls were traditionally only allowed to tend to household chores and bring up children. She went on to win India’s first ever gold medal in wrestling at the Commonwealth Games in 2010.Thanks to Geeta, women from rural India can now now thought to do so much more.


Imagesource: sportscelebfamily


She Makes Puppets Come Alive with her Voice

Five-time Limca Book Record-Holder Indushree keeps the audience on stage spellbound with her act. This first Indian female ventriloquist is flawless with her performances and is recognised by world-renowned ventriloquists as well. Her acts are funny, mesmerising and conducts acts around AIDS awareness and other social issues.

Imagesource: deccanherald


Former Child Bride becomes India’s first female taxi driver

Selvi Gowda is the protagonist of the award-winning documentary, “Driving with Selvi.” She was married off as a child and suffered domestic abuse before becoming a taxi driver in 2004 with the help of a Mysore-based NGO. She now runs a women’s taxi service which she co-founded.


Imagesource: lfdelhi


Bodybuilding Only for Men? Not when You Meet Mamta Devi

What is usually considered manly, beefy, too muscular is what made Mamta Devi win International awards. She worked hard to make a perfectly sculpted body from her earlier lean frame and now boasts of having several national and international BodyBuilding Championship titles to her credit. More power to you, India’s first competitive female bodybuilder!


Jaipur’s Coolie No. 1!

Manju’s journey has been tough, but she is tougher! She became the first woman coolie in the entire North-Western region of India. She works on the Jaipur railway station and has surely made her mark in a completely male-dominated field.


Imagesource: achhikhabre


Taking the World, One CyberCriminal at a Time!

The world of the internet can be quite misleading with people misusing it to a large extent. Alarmed by this, Dhanya Menon decided to become a cybercrime investigator. She aims to make youth and adolescents aware of the vulnerabilities in mobile phones, internet and social networking sites usage. She is presently working with over 400 schools across the country to reduce the cases of cybercrimes in the country.


Imagesource: thesmetimes


We Bet You’ve Never Seen a Dog Trainer Like Her 

Shirin Merchant has been a canine Trainer and Behaviourist for more than 20 years. She is the holder of prestigious KCAI - Kennel Club of England Accreditation Scheme for Dog trainers and behaviourists in Companion Dog Training and Behavioural Training accreditation. Shirin became the first Indian invited to present at the Annual Association of Professional Dog Trainers Conference, 2016. in Las Vegas, U.S.A.


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The First Differently-Abled Woman to Top Civil Services

Ira Singhal has B.E. and MBA degrees and has worked as a Strategy Manager for Cadbury India Limited. Now an IAS Officer, she is the first person with disability to top the prestigious Civil Services Examination of India. Talk about being an inspiration!


Imagesource: thesmetimes


She Cooked Up a Storm and We Loved it!

Pankaj Bhadouria quit her 16- year-old job and participated in India’s First MasterChef and won it. She is now a popular TV host, author, columnist, speaker and entrepreneur. She is the founder of the Pankaj Bhadouria Culinary Academy in Lucknow and owns the Tramp Tree Cafe in the city.


Imagesource: simplylifeindia


She Set Foot On the Icy Desert

Aditi Pant is an oceanographer who made India proud by being the first woman to set foot on the icy terrains of the Antarctica, the farthest corner of the world.

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First MD and CEO of the NSE

She held the post of Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at the National Stock Exchange (NSE) Group till Dec 2016. Chitra Ramkrishna was instrumental in generating plenty of new businesses and finding new investment opportunities during her tenure.


Imagesource: businesstoday


She Thinks like a Missile

Known as the ‘Missile Woman of India,’ Tessy Thomas is the first woman to head an Indian Missile project. Her contributions in the field of Science and Technology are remarkable.She has worked for Agni Missile right from its inception and is the First Director of the Missile Laboratory at Hyderabad.


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An Award-Winning Cinematographer

Anjuli Shukla won the National award for cinematography for film,`Kutty Srank’. She is the only woman till date to win this award. The film also was the first film in Malayalam language to be shot by a woman. Kutty Srank was Shukla’s debut film as cinematographer.


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First Actress of Indian Cinema

Durgabai Kamat rose above the taboos and joined cinema way back in 1913. She played ‘Parvati’ in the film, Mohini Bhasmasur. The film was filmmaker Dadasaheb Phalke’s second film. Later, Durgabai was praised for her work and her role paved way for women to make a career in films.


First Indian Female Surgeon 

A gynaecologist and obstetrician by profession, Mary Poonen Lukose was India’s first female surgeon. The Government of India awarded her Padma Shri in 1975. She also served as the head of the Health Department in the state of Travancore and was the first woman legislator of the state. A woman of many firsts!


Dealing With Dead Bodies 

Praveena Solomon job might scare you. She’s the first female crematorium manager and works in Chennai’s oldest cremation ground. Her job environment might be gloomy, but Praveena motivates others to make crematoriums a greener, neater place.


Imagesource: thebetterindia 


These women are just few of the 112 who were honoured by the President of India for being the first in their fields. Just like them, we hope to inspire and be inspired to rise above the norm and make a better tomorrow.


Tell us which woman inspired you the most!


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