6 Essential must-haves when travelling with your kiddo

6 Essential must-haves when travelling with your kiddo

7 Mar 2018 | 2 min Read


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Travelling with a child can be hard. When your little one is away  from home, the unfamiliarity of new surroundings, the noises and disruption of routine can unsettle him/her. This can make your trip miserable too. So, we’ve brought together some products that can make holidaying a bit  easier for both you and baby!


1- Fish Shaped Baby Pillow – Wonder Kids

If your baby misses her/his bed, make him/her feel at home with this cute fishy pillow. Play some games with fishy and tuck baby in for a smoother bedtime.



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2- Disposable Toilet Seat Cover – My Milestones


Going to public toilets while travelling can be a horror. And if your tot is just toilet trained, hygiene is paramount. This disposable seat cover is a blessing!



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3Kids Rollable Tiffin Mats – Wraps & More


No need for your child to eat over unhygienic surfaces while on travel. Just open up this travel mat to keep mealtimes germ-free!


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4- Mega Size Mat – Tum Tum Tots


Allow your child to roll, crawl and explore outdoors over this fun, mega size mat


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5-  Protect Pack- Mamaearth


No trip is complete without baby-friendly sunscreen and insect repellent. We don’t want sunburns and bites, do we?


Buy exclusively on BabyChakra here.


6-  Rabbit Blanket- Zeezeezoo


Keep baby warm and cozy with this cute rabbit blanket. Perfect for flights, road trips or for snuggles in while holidaying.



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Holidays are for making happy memories. So have fun with your angel!


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