Chinese Toddler Locks Moms iPhone for 47 years


It’s common for us parents to hand our smartphones to our children to keep them engaged so that we get that much-needed ‘me time.’ But there seems to be some bizarre connection with new age kids and gadgets. It’s funny how toddlers can never wear their shoes correctly but can navigate through a smartphone like a boss.


Even babies today seem to be born with skills needed to operate the touch screen of the iPad, tablet or smartphone and they can change the gadgets’ settings within seconds.


In one such incident, a touch-screen happy toddler managed to lock his mother’s iPhone for 25 million minutes which is roughly equivalent to 47 years. The toddler, a two-year-old boy from Shanghai was playing with the phone and repeatedly entered the wrong passcode, according to a Chinese media report.


The mother known by the name Lu, had given the child the phone to watch educational videos online. The little boy then pressed different number keys repeatedly when the passcode was requested. The phone kept getting locked for an extended period every time the wrong password was entered.


Lu said she waited for two months but did not see any signs of the problem rectifying. An Apple phone technician told Lu she could wait for years to try to put her passcode or reset her phone completely to start it again.


“I couldn’t really wait for 47 years and tell my grandchild it was your father’s mistake,” Lu told the media.


Lu probably had her phone reset, but we have to be more careful with our nimble-fingered kids.


What did your kid manage to do with your phone? Tell us!


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