Choosing To Quit Regular Work, Yet Save Cash For Your Kiddo? Here’s How!

Choosing To Quit Regular Work, Yet Save Cash For Your Kiddo? Here’s How!

9 Mar 2018 | 4 min Read

Satarupa B Kaur

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Every woman knows how to earn and better still, every woman knows how to save a penny. However, once you enter marriage, even if you have been a working woman or have decided to take on the role of a full-time homemaker you very well know that savings become a big deal when you do not have a separate paycheck  or plain personal needs, at hand. Does that mean that you cannot save anything for your little child unless you earn a fat paycheck?


I remember how my mummy used to give me funds urgently, quicker than my dad would. She was adept at spending on big renovations and purchases even for home. From lessons I’ve learnt over the years, I plan to implement some even for my future despite maybe continuing with my job or not continuing with it. Being a homemaker is nothing to feel bad because it takes a lot to actually be a full time mommy.


Plan the grocery budget carefully


An area that can help you see a lot of perks if you can manage it well! Cut out the useless purchases every month. Grab the discount coupons and deals on your debit card so that you know when to save biggest at which store. In case you have a membership card at your grocery store you actually save a lot of bucks but just  make sure you use the card at the right time. Useless purchases such as cookies and costly cakes can be skipped.  Make them at home instead so that there is no useless expenditure on these things.



DIY helps


When it comes to making a lot of things, the right sources and choices will  help you can have a whole lot of money. Forget all the fancy magazine subscriptions or costly TV channels. You have YouTube and apps such as BabyChakra after all.


Additionally when it comes to planning your daily expenses you can simply choose to stick to basics first and rethink on luxury buys. For instance, you can have a set of basic underwear, set of basic makeup or lipsticks to last you throughout the year. Instead of spending monthly basis on these items one by one you purchase in lots, at once and end up saving a lot of money that can be used for your child’s future.



Old loose change


No changes only been around this most undermined of currencies. Whenever you get something back from anybody in smaller or coin form, simply put it in a piggy bank meant for your child. Hey you don’t consider this change as much really but this can actually become productive after few months or years.



Begin small


Recurring deposits are easily made even online or if you are still traditional, go visit the bank and open an RD account soon. You can simply start small with something as minuscule as INR 1000 or larger as per your financial status. This can be taken on as an additional investment without the burden of a policy.



When planning shopping, be wise


I always chosen the online path for heavy discounts and superb quality  instead of going to my local Mall. With options such as Pay Later and No Cost EMIs, happening every other day you can actually pick stuff for a couple of months instead of going ahead and buying on impulse every other weekend.



Go traditional accounting wise


Maintain a plain diary and use it to maintain your budget expenditure and saving logs. Sure the role of apps are huge, but when you start to calculate with your head and you open the diary daily, you actually begin understanding how to tackle money and save more.


Be assured of at least saving 4K or 5K per month with these essential tips even sans a personal paycheck. That’s an extra lump sum for your kid for sure.


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