Use Leftover Chapatis For A Delicious Treat


Have leftover rotis or a little hard bread in your kitchen?

Don't throw them, make this delicious recipe- Roti Nachos with Salsa.




For Nachos-

3 leftover rotis and 1 bread slice cut into triangles (any shape is ok)

Little oil for roasting

A dash of salt and chilli flakes


For Salsa-

1 medium onion

1 deseeded tomato

1/2 capsicum (finely chopped)

3 tbsp tomato ketchup

1 tsp chilli sauce




Chilli flakes


For Garnish-

Grated cheese



  1. Take a bowl and put all ingredients given for salsa and mix well.
  2. In a pan add oil, heat it and put all pieces of rotis and bread to roast and toast on simmer. Keep checking and flipping in between to avoid burning. Once done sprinkle salt and chilli flakes and mix.
  3. Take a microwave safe dish and arrange roasted roti and bread nachos. In between place the salsa. Grate cheese on it and microwave for 4 minutes.


Enjoy the dish.



Note: You may add other veggies as per your liking and adjust spices as per preferences.


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Aditi Ahuja

Sounds like so much fun.

Aditi Ahuja

Thanks Revauthi Rajamani and Aishwarya Shukla for liking it..


Delicious 😋.... Aditi i have a few questions can we chat?;

Aditi Ahuja

Thanks Mahi Gajwani and Priyanka for your lovely comments!!

Aditi Ahuja

Yes dear Priyanka we can chat!!

Zainab Waheed

Wow... yummy ,easy and tasty

Aditi Ahuja

Thanks dear Zainab Waheed

Richa Chowdhary


Aditi Ahuja

Thanks dear Richa Chowdhary

Madhavi Cholera

wow! congrats dear !!

Aditi Ahuja

Thanks dear Madhavi Cholera ...from a great cook like you it means a lot to me


This is a very useful recipe as I have leftover rotis all the time.

Aditi Ahuja

Thanks dear Maitri (The Reluctant Mom)

Vidya Rathod

Congratulations 💐

Aditi Ahuja

Thanks dear Vidya Rathod

Aditi Ahuja

Thanks dear Sania Bhushan

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Congratulations di

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