Do you worry a lot?

Do you worry a lot?

Do you worry a lot?
Are you a mother?
Is it right to worry?

I am a mother and my best friend is worry....yes you read it right...

Worry is my best friend because it keeps me alert and active what is your latest worry?
Baby health and covid right?
Dear friends our worry is valid but it has a solution so don't worry much☺️

How do I build my child's immunity that is the next question which comes to our mind right ?

Our immune system is a series of cell, tissues and organs. They protect us for lifetime from different invading pathogens and keeps us healthy and able to resist many repeated infections.

Boosting babies immune system

Breastfeeding is probably one of the best way to help support a baby's immune. It is highly recommended to breastfeed your baby to improve infants immunity Getting babies vaccination on time is very important.


Kids - cold and cough

Proper handwashing is very important not only in covid situation but otherwise also this prevents spread of germs. Wash hands with soap whenever possible if not uses sanitizer.


Improve eating habits

Due to lockdown junk food eating have increased. So you need to monitor and limit junk food eating. It is very well said eat healthy and stay healthy.


Play time

Take physical activities at home if you fear going out .cycling in your own society can be done


Sun exposure

If you cannot go out go on terrace or simply in balcony give a little exposure of sun to your babies.


Last but not the least our mood affects our immune system so as an adult be happy and smile with your child this is a best way to be healthy and to improve your and your baby's immune system.


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