Study Says Babies Who Look Like Their Fathers Are Healthier. Eh?

A new study published in the Journal of Health Economics, suggest that infants who resemble their fathers at birth are more likely to spend time with their father and, in turn, be healthier when they become a year old.


The research says that fathers are drawn more towards the baby if they look like them. They thus end up spending more time with the baby, in turn leading to healthier parenting (as fathers are an important part of parenting).


The findings are based on an analysis of data on 715 families in which babies live with only their mother.


We found this study a bit queer. Here's what went on in our mind:

  • First of all, how a baby looks depends on genetics and the poor baby cannot choose the way s/he looks
  • Secondly, an involved and loving father with paternal instincts in the right place will spend time with his baby irrespective of the way his baby looks, right? (Well, he should)
  • Thirdly, the findings only speak about families where babies mostly live only with their mother. They did say that non resident fathers ended up spending 2.5 days more per month with children who they resemble, but um, again, is that the baby's gene luck?
  • Non participating fathers lead to flustered mums anyway. The more the dad involves himself, the happier the mum and the healthier the child will be, irrespective of the way s/he looks.


I think we need studies that find out the secret formula to get dads more involved and we hope the answer does not limit itself to the way a baby looks. Yes?


Disclaimer: Information has been sourced from hindustantimes


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