900 Gram Baby Discharged After Successful Heart Closure Surgery

Handling a preemie needs a lot of care, but doctor’s at Thane’s Jupiter hospital managed to successfully carry out the super delicate task of operating on the heart of a 900 gram baby.


The one-month-old baby, named Shiv Mohanlal, was born with a congenital heart condition known as patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), where blood flow to the heart is affected.  


Doctors claim that Shiv is probably the smallest baby to undergo the PDA procedure. In India. Shiv was born prematurely 12 weeks before he was due, and weighed 1 kg at birth.


However, despite being kept in the NICU, he began to lose weight due to his heart condition.


Dr Srinivas L, the paediatric cardiologist who performed the surgery, said, “The baby was dependent on oxygen. The medication to treat PDA had not worked. The surgery was performed on February 28. The heart defect was closed using a highly specialised implant called PDA device. The implant was inserted through baby’s thighs, to avoid an open chest surgery. Shiv has now started gaining weight.”


Shiv was born to his Silvassa-based immigrant laborer parents, 17 years after marriage on February 7th.


About 50% premature babies can have a hole in the heart. In majority of the cases, the condition can be treated with medicines. About 1-2% cases require surgery for survival.


Before Shiv, a baby in Udaipur was operated upon for a different procedure when he weighed just 470 gram at birth in May 2017.


Thanks to medical advancement, difficult procedures are becoming more possible, thus saving lives.


Disclaimer: Information has been sourced from dnaindia


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