Washing Machine Or Barbecue? What Home Appliance Are You?

Washing Machine Or Barbecue? What Home Appliance Are You?

If you’ve already identified what age you really are, what emoji you are and what kitchen gadget you are, it is high time you also find out what home appliance are you like!


Remember to note down your choices and at the end of the test, find out what home appliance they convert you into!


1. Someone meets you at the park and gives  you unsolicited advice  about the  weight of your child. You don’t like it at all. What do you do?


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a. Just ignore it and Move on. The lady might not realize the effect of her unwanted advice

b. Post it on some of your social media group and discuss it further to know who is right and who is wrong

c. Think about it, blurb about it, then drink some water and calm down

d. Keep talking to yourself about it, thinking how it could have been a better interaction

e. Get really very angry about it, but keep it with you or may be yell at the maid or kids

f. Give it back to that lady then and there. She better get a retort


2. Your maid calls in. Again. For leave. This is her 6th leave in the month. What do you do:


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a. Let her take it. She must be genuinely need it

b. Quickly finish your chores because you had expected this

c. Let her take the leave but crib, get angry, but do your work anyway

d. Let her work be. If she takes a leave, she can come and do twice the work the next day.

e. You get really angry but give her a leave anyway. You can’t drag her out of her house now!

f. You get really angry over the phone call and give her an earful


3. You are on your way to work. The cab driver took a wrong turn further delaying your arrival at work. What do you do:


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a. Keep praying that some miracle happens

b. Frantically call your boss or colleague at work, trying to fix things

c. Let it be, we’ll see what is to be done once we get to work!

d. Panic and don’t understand what to do

e. Screw the cab driver’s happiness

f. Get really frustrated but starting working from the cab itself


4. When do you eat lunch?


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a. I have a fixed time, I have lunch then

b. I don’t get time to sit down and eat calmly. I eat whatever I can see

c. I eat when I get ‘Hangry’

d. Whatever I eat, I like to have a well decorated plate of food. Food should look, feel, and taste like food.

e. I like food when it is made hot. I prefer eating then

f. I hate it when I have to eat cold food or left over food


5. How fashionable are you?


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a. I like my jeans and white tees. Classics for me

b. I like to have a lot of reds!!

c. It depends – on my mood, occasions, etc.

d. I don’t know, I go buy what I like

e. I like to be tip-top. I’m usually one of the best dressed ones wherever I go

f. I just put on whatever I find on the top of my pile. I still manage to look pretty cool you know!



If most of your answers are A, you are a Refrigerator


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As calm and cool as can be, you are the Fridge! You don’t like things getting rotten, so you like to be easy going and friendly. You like to think about others and their perspectives as well and believe that whatever happens is for the good!



If Most of your answers are B, you are a Blender


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You are a nice person, but a noisy person too! You like to have a certain level of attention on you. Usually, you are chirpy and talkative and take one day at a time. You deal with life as it comes, because worrying is just not your style!! Cool, aren’t you!



If most of your answers are C, you are a Washing Machine


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Not here and not there! You swing between being cool, being noisy and just sitting down calmly. You get some mood swings but well, people who love you know you about your traits!



If Most of your answers are D, you are a Vacuum Cleaner


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You have a problem if things are not in place, or people are not on time. There’s a certain time and certain way of doing something, and you like it that way. You have a short fuse and may lose temper easily, but you pick up and change your demeanor quickly as you like to appear sorted.



If Most of your answers are E, you are an Iron


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Girl, you need to learn to vent, let that ‘steam’ out. Suppressing your emotions and your anger is not going to help you. It may straighten some people or some things up for you, but it’s not a healthy coping mechanism. On the other hand, you are really sweet and very adjusting, just as long as you don’t lose your temper. Also, don’t burn your close ones in your anger and ‘heat’ ;-)



If most of your answers are F, you are a Grill/Barbecue


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You got the flares and you know how to use them!! You don’t mind calling a spade a spade and would rather give it back than to keep it bottled up inside. For a person like you, internal peace and calm matter most. So if someone ‘heats’ you up, you don’t mind “grilling” them in the heat too!! Sometimes you overdo it and people get burnt, but then that is that!!


What appliance are you, mommies?


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