Book Review: My Grandma is Wonderful by Nick Butterworth

Book Review: My Grandma is Wonderful by Nick Butterworth


I have extremely fond memories of my grandmother(maternal)  visiting us. She was an extremely strict lady but elegance was the first thing you would notice about her. The moment she would walk into a room, it would be like she has “arrived”. She was also fun and taught us many of the values that I am passing on to my child. The best part about her visiting us was the scrumptious delicacies mum and she would cook for us. hmmmmm yummmmmm .. My mouth is watering !!!


Well, back to reality! This book is a short story based on a child’s love and admiration for their grandmother. The book is simple with simple yet beautiful illustrations which depict the love and admiration between the two beautifully. The book can be used as a good reader for a beginner/emergent reader in the kindergarten level.


It highlights the theme of family and love. It is clear that the child in  the story is in awe of their grandmother. The child speaks about how fantastic she is and has everything anyone would ever need in her handbag. The grandma always buys the biggest ice-creams, she knows all about nature, she’s brilliant at untying knots, she makes the most fantastic clothes, and she’s always on your side when things go wrong.


Light hearted and fun for those with fun grandmas but not for those missing their grandparents or mothers. Because you will miss them even more. The book ends: “It’s great to have a grandma like mine. She’s wonderful!” And no one can argue with that!


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