Working Mommies And Mommies To Be, All Your Questions Answered Here

Working Mommies And Mommies To Be, All Your Questions Answered Here

Before delivery, many mums-to-be think they can comfortably rejoin work after maternity leave. It’s only after you deal with the emotional upheaval of motherhood that you realise rejoining work after baby is not easy. There are so many questions and doubts waiting to be clarified and also the uncertainty of leaving baby away for the first time. Here are some questions answered by real moms.


Q: I will be joining my office soon,  i do not have support system (neither parents nor in laws.) Mine is a desk job and requires 8 to 9 hours of work. My work place is about 1 hour away from home ( rented- can change as per situation). (Office doesn't have daycare) Please provide some suggestions as I am not able to take a decision whether to keep a maid at home or keep my 6-month-old baby at daycare.

A: Kavita Sahay: If you are joining after 6 months then I would recommend to go for a good daycare; near the office with camera access; so that at lunchtime at least you can come and feed if you want to or meet the baby. 

I personally don't trust a one man army (maid at home) and it all  comes to a standstill when she is on leave plus I don't think one person alone can have the patience to handle someone else's kid with that much love. In day care at least you have a team and they do it and the work goes on even in the absence of one person.. 

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Q: How do you keep yourself motivated at office ? Give me some ques I am looking for some help here.

A:  Reshma Java: Hey, for motivation you just need to keep yourself happy by surrounding yourself with good things; like fun people, good music, the BabyChakra app etc. The app is good enough to keep you occupied as well. Keep reading the good posts and networking tips and just keep yourself happy and relaxed long time to go there.

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Q: I am starting work soon, my baby will be a little above 5 months.. Planning to take my baby and a nanny with me. It's just for 6 hours excluding 30 mins each of travel while going and then coming back. Please give me tips on new baby food that can be taken to work in a tiffin.And most importantly what should I keep in my office for my baby?

A:  Revauthi Rajamani: Food is the most important thing. Since you are just gonna wean I suggest you to carry soups in warmer, any clear soups. Easy to carry weaning foods are fruits and veggie purees.I suggest you buy a squeeze and eat spoon. If you are planning to carry top up feeds do so, introduce one food at a time, follow the three day rule. Don't force feed, feed on demand.

As far as your diaper bag requirements, carry plastic covers in the diaper bag to help you store the used towels, bibs. Carry change over clothes, bibs, diapers, wrap around mats, etc.

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Q: I'm 10th week of pregnancy through IVF. I am on bed rest from embryo transfer When can I go to office? I am a design engineer with a 9.5hrs job. Is it really not safe with IVF?

A:  Dr Mamta Goel: Scientifically there is no evidence of any benefit from bed rest. In fact it has negative impacts due to increase stress and anxiety of house arrest. Bed rest used to be advised in 1970's but after few decades it was found to be useless, in fact potentially harmful.

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Q: I’m 34 weeks pregnant and working from home and only me and my husband stay here. When i don’t have office work, I get bored easily. What can be done in such situation? I don’t have many friends also.

A: Ritu Singhal: Hey you can do whatever you like,maybe start a hobby all over again. I loved reading books. I have my own mini library. You can watch garbh sanskar online. Maybe watch movies,you won’t get time after baby arrives. Pamper yourself,get a pedicure done. If you haven’t already,shop for baby online. Or just sleep,you won’t get sleep after your little bundle of joy’s arrival. I did a lot of rearrangements for baby, maybe try that! Goodluck!

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Q: Is it safe to go to office and continue working till 8 months of pregnancy? I have Maternity Leave but that I can take in the end at a stretch. Can't break my leave. My lower abdominal pain gets worse when I travel. My office is 2 hours away.

A: Mrs Chokker: Try to sit in front seat coz it is more spacious and comfortable. Get down from the car whenever it is possible, take some snacks and water; and discuss with your doc if you are face any discomfort while travelling. Don't sit for too long, try to take a break in between and don't skip your prenatal vitamins. All this will help you cope up and don't worry nowadays, many women go to office during pregnancy.

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Q: My baby is 5 months old and exclusively on breastfed. In the next week, I will be resuming work. hence i thought I’d feed her formula milk, but she is not at all accepting that.
Then I gave my expressed milk to her using a wati and spoon. She refused that as well. She is not taking anything except milk from breast. i am worried. Do you have any trick so that she can happily take food from other sources than just a breast?

A:  Dolly: Encourage her to suck on your breast or pacifier and then quickly replace it with the bottle. Baby can smell his mother so ask someone else to offer her the bottle. Offer a bottle before your baby gets too hungry. Offer expressed BM in the bottle. Try offering bottle as your baby drifts off to sleep and stir from sleep.. try these tips, I hope she won’t refuse bottle feeding.

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