My Husband Is A Great Father

My Husband Is A Great Father


Before kids, marriage is all cream and roses. Ok,  occasional  arguments and fights but mostly followed by sweet apologies and snuggles. But that changes once baby comes into picture. The romance eventually wears off! And that is why you should marry a man who will be great father. Allow me to tell you why.


I had just delivered our baby and was exhausted with childbirth and the aftermath. To add to it all, I had spinal headache as well. Now babies have no sense of day and night. Every time our baby cried, his father was by his cradle trying to soothe him. And it was not just because of his love for the baby alone. In fact it was more for me. The next day when the nurse was late for my bath, the father of my child helped me through it. Much like he would help a baby. Back home, when we started getting used to the baby and identifying with his patterns, his father was always by my side helping me with feeding, changing diapers and everything imaginable. As time passed and I missed my freedom, both the baby and father would stay home to let me go out and have some fun. On every step of motherhood, my son’s father stood by me, watching over me, feeling for me and trying his very best to keep the mother of his child happy.

When you do a reality check you find so many beautiful, in-love couples drift away post baby. They say it’s the baby who takes away all the love. Attention yes, but not love! If the husband is a great father, your respect and love just swells so much more. When you see the father of your child bathing your lo, taking her to sport classes, doing her hair in the most gentle way and at the same time toughening her for the world, you fall head over heels in love again. This is the kind of man who will pester you to get back to work, go on lunch dates with your girlfriends and compliment your stretch marks. You know the lovers they show in movies do not exist. And even if they do, choose a man who will be a great father than a man who is great lover. For he will choose to become great father out of his love and respect for you. And for the rest of your life you can be assured that you made the correct choice for your child.


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