What To Expect When You’re Expecting? Not A Book Review

What To Expect When You’re Expecting? Not A Book Review


What to expect when you’re expecting is a famous pregnancy  guide and a film too. Though I haven’t read the book, nor have watched the movie, I loved this name. Hence, didn’t think twice before borrowing it. I hope nobody minds. 


So, what do you expect when you are pregnant? Honestly,  nothing and everything. No two pregnancies are the same. Even a woman having two-three children will tell you that she had different experiences in each of her pregnancy.


But still there are a few experiences that most of the women have during those nine months:



What happens in the first month? 


Thankfully nothing. Most women don’t discover that they are pregnant till after the first month.



Second and Third months: 


They are a little tricky and for most, a nightmare. Morning sickness hits you and you spend your days retching your guts out like there’s no tomorrow. You are put off by most smells; even the smells of perfume (your favorite one too), incense stick, onions, roti etc. bother you. And as if these weren’t enough, there’s more to add insult to injury. You leak. Yes, you read it right the first time. Whether you sneeze, cough or laugh out loud, your poor bladder lets go a little. Wear a panty liner whenever you are stepping out; will save you some embarrassing explanations. And one more thing, your hormones are on an over-drive. Some of you might feel depressed. I had gone into a major depression in the first trimester; would avoid people. Talk to your doctor if you sense the symptoms. Practice meditation and yoga, and watch some comic capers. And about sex? What’s that?



Second trimester: 


This is the honeymoon period in your pregnancy. You feel rejuvenated miraculously. Your appetite returns with a vengeance and your bladder learns to hold. Though for some the morning sickness continues, it’s not as bad as before. This is also the time when your doctor may allow you to travel. Use this time to indulge in some lovemaking. Your bump will start showing, a teeny-weeny bit, so indulge in some shopping. You have definitely earned it! You can sleep on your tummy no longer, and neither should you do that on your back. Start practicing sleeping on your sides with pillows on either side. On the brighter side (of course there’s one, it’s not all that bad too), your hair becomes voluminous and your skin glows because of all those hormones and you start experiencing your baby’s kicks. It’s heavenly!



Seventh and Eighth months: 


You start putting on weight and it shows. You can poke people with your bump. Seriously, flaunt your baby bump to your advantage. I did that a lot to secure seats in crowded places. Ha ha! The center of gravity shifts and it affects your walking style. You feel as if you are waddling rather than walking. You start forgetting things; and your husband will never allow you to forget the fact. Avoid wearing heels please. You can’t tie your shoe laces and apply polish to your toe nails. Arrggh!



Ninth month: 


This is the most difficult period as you are by now fed up of carrying those additional pounds. Your feet are swollen, the haemorrhoids have become a constant thing, your back hurts, sleep evades you and your limbs hurt as your muscles loosen up. There’s more; you feel breathless all the time as your baby has pushed up your diaphragm, you visit the loo so often that you wonder why not put a cot there permanently and you are tired of people asking you ‘when it’s due?’ and telling you matter-of-factly ‘you are going to have a girl/boy’. I am sure there are a couple more things that I am forgetting here. But apart from all these, you can’t wait to meet the tiny little thing that’s growing inside you.


So what was your experience while you were expecting? Share with me, I would love to hear from you.



Disclaimer: The information in the article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor.


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