Healthy Nutty Banana Lassi Recipe

During fasting, there might be an issue of dehydration. So, always keep in mind that the fluid level in our body should be good enough to sustain and continue the fast.

In my home, we do fasting but make sure to eat well and drink more. We always opt healthy vrat drinks over eatables. Here is our favourite healthy drink which keeps the tummy full.


Nutty Banana Lassi



  • Banana- One ripened
  • Cashews or Almonds or Walnuts- choose anyone and take 5 to 6 in number
  • Yogurt- One cup (not sour one)
  • Honey- 3 tsps or Sugar- 2 spoons



  1. Add all the things in a blender and give smooth blend,
  2. Open and check if it is very thick or mild. If it is very thick, just add 4 Tsps of water and blend again
  3. Pour it in your glass, if you want, just dress it with some sliced cashews or almonds



You can also have it chilled. Yogurt and banana keeps tummy full, and maintains fluid level.


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Comments (11)

durga salvi

Tasty I will try.

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

Durga Salvi pls do try :))

Saman Khan

Wow.. This looks yumm.. And healthy too.. Breastfeeding my babies.. And always feel hungry and munching on something like this is the best way to beat those hunger pangs.. :-)

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

Ofcourse,,, please go for it Saman Khan 😊

Pooja Panday

Please suggest when can I start vyoga or excercise as I delivered baby through cesarian on 6th jan

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

Pooja Panday first start with daily walks.. if you are feeling better, then gradually include exercises..

Deepika D

Help mam

Deepika D

I want ur help

Richa Chowdhary

Why I dint knew this yesterday.. I would have used one ripe banana for this only

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