Kiddy Kitchen: Toddler Weight Gain Special

Welcome to Week 20 of Kiddy Kitchen! We are sure you are loving the meal plans that our Healthy Eating Habits Expert Deepti Arora has been putting together for your energetic toddler!


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This week’s plan focuses on weight gain, a definite concern for all moms, whether their baby is 6 months old or 6 years!


Leave the worry behind and enjoy the meal plan, mommies!


Here’s some advice from Deepti:


Weight gain is one of the important indicators of growth in babies. However, there are many instances when babies do not gain sufficient weight. The most common reason is because they do not eat enough food to meet their needs.


A few other reasons include:

  • Your child is experiencing a growth spurt and her energy needs are high  
  • S/he doesn’t have an appetite or she says no to food
  • S/he only eats a few types of food (she is a picky eater)
  • S/he eats too slowly
  • S/he is easily distracted or loses interest in eating quickly
  • S/he has an illness  

Developing healthy eating habits takes time but it definitely pays in the end!












Tell us how you loved the meal plan in Comments below!


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Comments (14)

Oat n chocolate shake hs protein in d recipe.. is it advisable? Babycahkra

Deepti Arora

I wish I knew this before

I wish I knew this before
can you pls tell me how can I make the dates and almond bar less sticky? I tied to make it once but it was like chewing gum in texture

Can these dishes given to 11 month old baby

1 yr. Old baby ko De skte h

Sade Char saal ka bacha hai

This is just in time

1.5 year baby girl

This is so well written.

Can protein powder be used for 16 months baby...

My daughter will be 2yrs old next month. She starts picking out d stuffings from parathas or sandwiches. How to stop her doing that?

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