5 Easy Dot Sticker Learning Activities for Kids

5 Easy Dot Sticker Learning Activities for Kids

When it comes to creating DIY activities for your toddlers or pre-schoolers, mothers usually get overwhelmed with the extensive range of craft supplies available in the market and the beautiful Pinterest/Google ideas. Purchasing the activity kits looks suitable option but that comes at a price and an uncertainty that your child might not like it.

In this article, I am going to present 5 super  easy activities  that use ONLY DOT STICKERS. These dot stickers are easily available in Stationary stores of any city. These stickers are colourful, attractive and very suitable for the fine motor skills of Toddlers.

Even if you believe that you are a complete NON-DIY/ Non- crafty person, you can easily make these activities at home within fraction of time. All the images shown below are HANDMADE activities with simple pen, paper and dot stickers.


  • Number/Alphabets/Shape Recognition
  • Write the number/alphabet/Shape on a sheet of paper
  • Ask the child to put the dot sticker on the outline.
  • It enhances the fine motor skills (Sticking the dot on exact place), pre-writing skills and visual recognition.



  • Spatial Intelligence Activities – Right Side Brain Activities
  • For a toddler/Preschooler level , we begin with the concept of Rows & Columns.


Activity A

 The Child is asked to map the BOX A to the BOX B. In simple words, copy the first design.

It enhances the visual mapping capability of the child.


Activity B

The Child needs to understand the combination of row and column and fill the empty slots accordingly.

The same concept can be further extended to more complex levels as per the age of child.


Visual Discrimination Activities

The dot stickers are available in variety of colours and sizes. Hence, they can be used to create simplest to complex visual discrimination activities.

The image shows a simple activity where the child need to find matching patterns of Dot stickers.



Learning Pattern Activities

Dot stickers are one of the most suitable way to introduce patterns to kids as they are least distractive yet colourfully attractive for a child who is trying to decipher a pattern for the first time.

Use different sizes/colours of dot stickers and create simplest to complex patterns as per the learning stage of the child.



Counting Activities

Last but not the least, these are one of the economic and easy manipulative for practicing Counting.

The attached image shows the number matching activity but you can ask the child to put the number of stickers as per the number written.



Hope you agree by now that the possibilities are simply endless. So, just keep a pack of Dot Stickers handy at home and let the ideas flow.  

Happy parenting everyone!!


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