Toilet Training When And How To Do It

Toilet Training When And How To Do It

Many relatively new mothers wonder when to start toilet training for their kids. Some say, the kid will take his/her own time, some start it early but do not succeed.


There are others who do not bother at all. Well, now I can’t break my head and try to make the mothers of this category understand the importance of toilet training. If they don’t bother, why should I? But please, do not leave your young toddler in my home for too long. Hope you understand.


Today’s article of mine will deal with toilet training your young munchkin, the things that I followed for my kid.


Kids, soiling their clothes and others’ clothes is acceptable till a certain age. Nobody likes to get peed on, especially when a kid is above 10-12 months. It is not just for others but for we as mothers too. At this time, the kid would be eating everything that we eat and their urine too would be similar as ours, right? Now understand?


For me it was a big no-no. I could not allow my kid to pee all over the house or in his clothes (not even mine). I wanted my kid to understand at the earliest that peeing and pooping is something that needs to be done in the washroom. Nowhere else.


I started as soon as he started showing signs of walking. Precisely, 10 months old. Before you start, introduce the particular words you want to use for peeing and pooping. I used the words ‘chu-chu’ and potty frequently. Let them know the meaning of chu-chu and potty (or whichever words you prefer). Then slowly start taking them to the washroom every couple of hours and tell them to do it. Even though they are not able to talk, they understand whatever you say. So be confident that they know what is supposed to be done in the washroom. Don’t get out of the wash room unless he/she pees, atleast a little. This way they know why are being brought to the place and time your visits to the washroom in accordance to the season. Like hourly in winters and once every 2-3 hours in summers.


You will succeed very soon. My son did not take a long time to get trained and trust me, if you show patience, they will learn faster. There will be times when the kids will still do it in their underwear or somewhere in the house but don’t show anger or panic. Tell them clearly that’s not the right thing. Slowly they will get a hang of it. I continued to use diapers in the night for another 1 year and discontinued soon after. I started taking my son to the washroom during the nights too. I used to wake up 2-3 times in the night for that. Yes, it is difficult but worth it.


It is all the more difficult to potty train. When the kid reaches the minimum height of being able to sit on a commode (of course, with your support), without him falling off into it, make him sit there. I used to run to the washroom, carrying my son when he was about to relieve himself. We mothers know it very well, so it is better in a way. After few days, they will understand.


These are no hard and fast rules and definitely not prescribed by any doctor. But as a mother, these are the instincts that I had and followed them. Hope other mothers get some tips from here.


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