Getting A Reaction You Do Not Like? Consider Your Actions

Getting A Reaction You Do Not Like? Consider Your Actions

21 Mar 2018 | 3 min Read

Sarita Shetty

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“Each of our actions and words have an equal reaction  from the people in our lives.” (Pardon me, Sir Newton, for tweaking your words to paraphrase my pet theory!)

My child loves fast food. She gets bored of her  toys in no time. When my child wants something, he better have it soon! Sounds familiar?

Why blame kids? Our own generation is all about NOW. Running out of diapers? Order online and get them delivered in the next hour!

And then there is the plethora of CHOICES – right from the best brand of wipes to suit my precious baby’s bum to the best school board. Choosing from many options means keeping up with a ton of information, which in turn needs time.

My point? In the race to make the best choice and have it all now, we may be losing out on something more precious. Which brings me back to my pet theory:

“Each of our actions and words have an equal reaction from the people in our lives.”

Children are sponges. They observe and learn from us like no one else, so it’s important we set the right example.

  • Stop being SWIFT (Snapchat WhatsApp Instagram Facebook Twitter) all the time.
  • Connect with your own self and with the people in your life, not digitally but really.
  • Slow down to enjoy the little things in life.

Let’s start by looking into the eyes of our children, elders and all the people who matter to us and communicate. Listen to their stories and share your own. Smile from your heart, a smile that lingers a wee bit longer, unlike the smiles we flash for the camera.

Connect to your roots, celebrate your family. Family is something we feel strongly about at Little Readers’ Nook. 

As a Story Educator, Head of Operations & Book-knight-in-chief at Little Readers’ Nook, I have been witness to this everyday!

As part of our ‘Family is Forever’ theme, children listen to stories about different family members, create a family tree and dig deep to know more about and learn from their own family. Such personalised learning leaves a deeper impression on young minds than learning about famous personalities, especially at a tender age.

As story educators and reading champions, we are often asked, “How do I get my child off gadgets and hooked on books?”

Well, you may have guessed my answer by now. Let’s first switch off our own gadgets and make time for books and people in our lives. Let’s communicate and connect to create a shared world of love, respect, listening and empathy.

Do you have your own innovative ways of setting the right example for your little ones? We look forward to your suggestions in comments below!


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