Navratri Special: Idli Doodly Doo With Vrat Ke Chawal

Navratri Special: Idli Doodly Doo With Vrat Ke Chawal

I love idlis and feel that they work best as snacks or dinner.

So, presenting you with a variant to the regular idlis- Barnyard millet (Vrat Ke Chawal) Idlis. They turn out to be so finger licking good, that even kids would want to eat them.



  • Barnyard millet (Samo, Vrat ke chawal): 1 cup
  • Dahi: ½ cup
  • Dudhi: 4 tsp
  • Sendha namak: To taste.
  • Oil /Ghee: To grease the moulds.
  • Ginger-chillI paste: 1 tbsp.
  • Eno: 1/2 tsp just enough to raise the batter



  1. Soak the barnyard millet in enough water for 2 hours and then, drain the water
  2. Mix all ingredients (except eno), in a food processor and grind.
  3. Allow it to stand for ½ hour. (The consistency of the batter should be like normal idli batter.)
  4. Add eno and whisk well. Grease the idli moulds and pour the batter into the moulds.
  5. Steam in the steamer. Allow it to cool and remove them from the moulds.


Serve with Green chutney or coconut chutney.

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