We Just Lost Our Last Male Northern White Rhino And Its Time To Wake Up

A picture of an old rhino has been flooding everyone’s social media feed. According to the news reports, the animal in the picture, a Northern White Rhino, just breathed his last in Kenya. The sight of it broke our hearts and if you read the story behind it, it might break yours too.


Sudan, the Rhino, was the world’s last male rhinoceros of his kind. His death means the possibility of another animal species being wiped off earth. Though two female members of the same species are still alive (Sudan’s daughter and granddaughter), normal propagation of the species is not possible with the absence of a male.


Scientists say they can try and save the species by in vitro fertilisation as they have been saving the male rhino’s sperm cells and tissue cells successfully. But the glaring fact remains that we have lost a species that survived millions of years but could not survive mankind.


The earth has been warning us for a long time now. Several species of flora and fauna are being wiped off, glaciers are melting and the ozone layer is depleting. We express shock, regret and then continue our ways of still using plastic straws, buying plastic bags, wasting food and water. We have not been taking care of the earth, and soon, we will be in deep trouble.


According to TechTimes, around 500 species (158 fish, 146 amphibians, 80 birds, 69 mammals and 24 reptiles) have been extinct since the 1900s till today. Human activity is the reason for their extinction. So yes, we are losing species because we have not cared enough.


As on today, several more species are on the endangered list and by the time our grandchildren grow up, they probably will have no Bengal tigers, no Asiatic lion and no snow leopards. We seriously doubt that this is the world we want our children to grow up in. So make a small change, one at a time. Each one counts. Start today, before we lose any more of our real wealth.


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