Meet Tejal: She Wants To Ensure Your Little One Gets Their Daily Dose Of Brain Stimulation

Meet Tejal: She Wants To Ensure Your Little One Gets Their Daily Dose Of Brain Stimulation


Mom Quotient

Motherhood comes with all its joys and challenges and I really believe that it’s not a pause for life but in fact a momentary pause to self-discovery.



It is my motherhood that equipped me with skills I so needed to become an entrepreneur: Multitasking, learning as you go, staying in it for the long haul and most importantly PATIENCE!


Mom Inc. Story

I quit a banking career with Morgan Stanley to raise my first-born, out of personal choice to play a stay at home full-time mother, which I did for 3 years.

I spent the early years after childbirth being severely depressed experiencing a lot of lack of self-worth.

The early learning journey with my own son and the lack of good quality stimuli available in the country led to me to founding Brainsmith in 2016 along with my co-founder, Akshay Jalan, with a mission to encourage parents to help their children achieve their highest potential. Right now, Brainsmith has a variety of products but the Shape Sorting Clock remains a favorite of BabyChakra's moms. The colorful clock has 12 blocks and kids need to match time with their activity. This helps develop a child's fine motor skills and makes him/her understand colors, numbers, and time. The best part is that the Shape Sorting Clock is made of premium rubber wood rather than plastic. 




Our vision is to help young children learn in an honest, factual and most importantly, joyous manner.

Who Inspired Me the Most

I was fortunate to be raised in an intellectually rich and stimulating environment that my parents provided very early on in my life. My own mother, a teacher, has had a deep impact towards the choices I exercised when I became a parent.

I have been blessed to have a partner whose role and influence I cannot undermine. It was more his decision that I go back to work, hand holding me through the early days, someone who has truly been the wind beneath my wings.


Advice for Mompreneurs

So here are my two bits for all you mommies longing to make a start back into the workforce:

You can be a good mother and still follow your dreams if you so desire. A little planning goes a long way!


I love BabyChakra because....



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