Meet Our Bangalore Momstar – Moya!

Meet Our Bangalore Momstar – Moya!

Meet our new and totally amazing MomStar – Moya Caddy, admin of popular FB group: Mums of Bangalore. Her energy, positivity and zeal is contagious and no wonder the Fb group thrives with positive energy. Check out what keeps her buzzing the way she does!


1. My Mom Quotient:

I am an imperfectly perfect Mum. I am not good with cooking, crafts or school projects. I shout and scream and punish my Children. I make a lot of mistakes as we all do but one thing that makes me perfect is the amount of unconditional love I give my babies. Having the title of 'Mum' is the biggest honour in the world to me and I try my best to live up to being a good role model for my kids.

I parent completely differently to how I had always pictured myself. I try to be strict at times but it often doesn't work and then I try and give them their freedom at other times but give too much… Being a Mum is a never-ending balancing act. I have learnt that Children are incredibly smart but incredibly vulnerable and impressionable. The main thing I try to teach my Children is about life. I want them to learn about the world, the people in it, and learn to be open minded and not judgmental. I try to set a good example for my kids as ultimately our views rub off on them. I have learnt that no parent is wrong as long as their main focus is loving their Child with their whole heart.


2. My Mom Star Story:

I started Mums of Bangalore (A popular facebook Group) a few years ago. I initially started it so my friends and I could tell each other where we were going to take our kids out and then we would review places and doctors etc… this caught on as a good resource for other Mums and it just grew and grew. Mums also saw the page as a place to sometimes escape and gather support and guidance from other mums in the same boat. The more Mums that joined, the more I got motivated to provide them with everything that they needed to make parenting a bit easier.

MOB has done a lot for me too. It has taught me that we are all different when it comes to parenting. It has helped me accept the way I parent and not just accept it but embrace it. I know that as well as helping me it has helped thousands of other Mums.



1. Mums of Bangalore (MOB)

3. 19,000 members (nearly)

4. Common Interest - the crazy love we have for our kids.

5. Mums of Bangalore is a fantastic group for Mums and Mums to be. You will be able to find out anything you want to know to do with your child or yourself. You can take part in discussions and debates and ultimately be yourself without being judged. It is a sisterhood, a support system, a backup for Mums who need help. It is a place to inspire, to promote, to market yourself, to ask questions… Every Mum is welcome.


3. Who Inspired/ Supported me:

Initially I had a lot of support and help from friends. We had several admin changes and they all helped out a great deal with monitoring the group. Now I take support and inspiration from the way this group is evolving. It sounds silly but I try and run MOB a little like the way I parent. I try and give everyone their freedom and see where it goes. Every Mum inspires me in a different way and we all have different stories to tell. It is heart-warming to see the support this group displays, being an online group.


4. Advice/tips:

Don't trust anyone when it comes to business and build a team of people who you LIKE. Work hard and be a good role model for your kids.

Make a little time for yourself even if you have 6 kids, and don't forget your partner.


5. I love BabyChakra because, it is a great resource site. We always want a professional place to turn- to, to find out the best and easiest way to help us with the huge task of raising a child. BabyChakra has everything a Mum needs under one roof and is extremely useful.


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