Yes, I Taught My Child To Name His Private Parts

Yes, I Taught My Child To Name His Private Parts

28 Mar 2018 | 3 min Read

Neha bhalla(mommytomyson_neha)

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Shreya a mother of a 3-years-old consciously taught her son to name his body parts correctly. To be more precise, all his parts correctly, even his private parts. What other option did she have? Those news channels now resembled the episodes of crime patrol on juvenile crimes.


Reasons could be many, some said the criminals are paedophiles. Others commented some new Babaji might have encouraged them, “haven’t you heard Shreya, some imposter Baba’s claim that doing things with a minor waves off evil.” When Shreya was young, she couldn’t stand the movies like ‘Sangharsh’ ( Bollywood movie)  which was a cult at the time of release. Not because, the content was inappropriate. Simply because she wouldn’t want her docile mind to believe that this could be a face of the real world too.


But, now was different. She was a mother. And the battlefield where the enemy could be disguised  was the school premise, or maybe a playground, or just another friends house. And in all honesty, she couldn’t ignore the fact that it could be her own house too. She had to educate her child for her peace of mind.


To Shreya’s surprise, her family could not digest the fact that she was teaching all this to her baby. But wasn’t this the need of the hour. While watching a really inspiring video about good touch bad touch, she realised with a school accommodating thousands of kids, every household they come from has a different name for those parts which are not to be named. And if ever a particular child gets into trouble and wants to confide in a teacher or an elder he trusts, how could she as a parent be sure that, that particular person will know the child’s code language.


So yes, she told her child that every body part has a name. Some can be seen and some can’t. And that boys have a penis. She wanted to eradicate the secrecy around the private parts. She taught her son that there is nothing to be ashamed of your body. And if someone forcefully shows you his private parts of asks to to show yours, you will say NO and run away. There is a reason these parts are private and covered unlike our face, hands and feet.


Taking one day at a time, she taught her son all this. And promised herself that her daughter won’t be taught any differently. When her 5-months-old daughter starts understanding things even her private part would be named appropriately. Even she would be told that girls have a vagina. All girls do. And it is up to you to take care of your body.


She could feel a cold chill down her spine every time she repeated those words. But did she have a option. What would you do as a mother?


Share your tips about how you sensitise your child. And do share this story if you found Shreya rightful in today’s time. 


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