What Is It Like To Love A Child?

What Is It Like To Love A Child?

28 Mar 2018 | 3 min Read


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For sometime now, I have been pondering what loving a child really means. Of course we all love  our children with all our hearts and souls. But there are times, when we are less than loving and our sharp words cut through our children.



So what is it like?  Well,


Love is when I look into the innocent eyes of my  child and forget everything.


Love is a messy house with a happy child.


Love is when I shut up when me and spouse have a fight.


Love is every time a take deep breath when that glass of milk spills, Again.



Love is when I insist him to be polite


Love is when I teach him to share his piece of pie with a friend


Love is when I keep my work aside and give that little soul all my attention


Love is when I patiently explain him the same thing for the 100th time


Love is when I nudge him to try harder and clap with all my heart on the littlest progress he makes


Love is when I let him take the lead


Love is when I when I read him the same story over and over again


Love is when I am tired and exhausted but still help him with his legos


Love is when I correct the same mistake he makes and start all over again


Love is when he tests all my strength and I keep composed


Love is taking him to play area when I really want to have some grown up fun


Love is when I stay firm as tears roll down those eyes


Love is when I act as a taskmaster to bring the best out of him


Love is every time I hug him when I feel like screaming with anger


Love is knowing that soon a day will come when he will be no longer just mine


Love is knowing his priorities will change and I’ll no longer the center of his world


Love is giving him wings to fly and watching him making his own nest.



That’s what love is for me! It is hard! It’s tough to love someone so much and yet know that I’ll have to let go. But that’s how it is. Love never binds you see!


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