Screening Tests Recommended For Every Mom During First Trimester Of Pregnancy

Ensuring the health and wellbeing of the mother and the baby is essential and pregnancy blood tests are one of the ways to do just that.

During pregnancy, you might encounter certain conditions which can increase the risk of complications for you or your baby. Fortunately, there are a number of blood tests during pregnancy (pregnancy blood tests), which can help detect these conditions well in advance, thereby reducing the risk of complications. These tests are specific to every trimester of pregnancy. Here we will discuss the tests done during pregnancy first trimester.


First trimester screening blood test

The routine blood tests recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy include:

1. Complete blood count (CBC)

A CBC is the most basic pregnancy blood test and gives information about the numbers of different types of cells making up our blood. It is commonly done to diagnose anaemia, a condition with low haemoglobin. It also gives information about the body’s resistance against infections by checking the number of white blood cells and detects clotting defects of blood by checking number of platelets.

2. Blood typing (Blood grouping)

A protein present on the surface of red blood cells is called Rh factor. It can be present (Rh positive) or absent (Rh negative) in different individuals. In case you are Rh negative, and your baby is Rh positive , then it can lead to incompatibility. Antibodies are produced by the mother’s body against the Rh factor on the baby’s red blood cells. This usually does not affect the first pregnancy. However, it can cause significant damage to a baby in a future pregnancy and should be checked without fail.

3. Tests for Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

Pregnant women should be screened for sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis and chlamydia and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) early in pregnancy as these diseases can cause complications for both the mother and the baby. If the expectant mother is detected to be HIV positive, medication can be given to her to greatly reduce the risk of transmitting HIV to the baby.

4. Tests for Rubella, Hepatitis B and hepatitis C, and Tuberculosis (TB).
Rubella infection during pregnancy can cause birth defects, whereas Hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses can pass be passed on to the foetus during pregnancy. To reduce the baby’s risk by adequate treatment, pregnant women should be tested for these conditions. Women with high risk of acquiring TB should also be tested for TB.


Urine culture and urinalysis

Apart from blood tests, first trimester screening tests includes urine pregnancy tests, urine culture and urinalysis.

1. Urine pregnancy tests:

Beta subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin (beta-HCG) is generally checked by this test and it is usually positive within one week of missed periods. It confirms the pregnancy.

2. Urinalysis:

Your urine may be tested for the following:

  • Presence of red blood cells to rule out urinary tract diseases.
  • White blood cells to rule out urinary tract infection.
  • Presence of glucose to rule out diabetes mellitus.
  • Protein levels in early pregnancy and late pregnancy are compared to assess the possibility of preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a serious complication that usually occurs later in pregnancy or post-delivery.

3. Urine culture

Presence of bacteria in urine is indicative of an infection, which needs treatment.

1st trimester screening tests

Tests in first trimester also include an ultrasound scan which should be carried out between 10 weeks to 13 weeks. This gives you a brief idea of your expected due date, number of babies and acts as a part of a screening test for abnormalities.


Diagnostic blood test during pregnancy.

Diagnostic tests are used to detect certain birth defects. If you have a family history of a birth defect, or you belong to a risk-prone ethnic group, diagnostic testing may be indicated. However, a few of these tests involve few risks, including a small risk of miscarriage. Hence, these are not recommended for all pregnant women. Chorionic villus sampling is one such test, which can give information about chromosomal abnormalities in the foetus.


Although pregnancy blood tests might feel troublesome, they are solely for your and your child’s benefit. It is best to follow your doctor’s advice regarding these for a healthy pregnancy.


Disclaimer: The information in the article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor.


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Hii is it safe to color hair during 9th week ...

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Yes it safe but use; harabal colour like mahandi

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Can i ask you something

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Can I do waxing in pregnancy

Anjana Aneesh

Hiii I am 8 week pregnant nw....I have thyroid ...I am taking medicine .....will it affect my child.... 6 week onwards started to have brownish discharge also is it a problem


Hi Seema nagger yes its absolutely safe to color hair during pregnancy coz the hair color will not much absorb by scalp.


Hi Anjana aneesh yes its important to take thyroid medicine regularly and keep tracking ur thyroid levels by monthly tests.thyroid medicine will not effect ur baby as its good for her/ babys thyroid gland is not active till third month of pregnancy so ur baby needs extra thyroid from ur body .so its very important for fetus growth And discharge is normal in pregnancy. It's colors are varies . so don't worry.


Hi Shruti gujrati no please dont wax during pregnancy coz our skin become more sensitive during it can do side effect irritation on skin.


Hi m about to complete my first trimester but still struggling with vomiting n chest burning sometimes I just keep puking for whole day . Any suggestions .thnku

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Hi i am 10 wk pregnant nw... have severe UTI . Wl it affect my baby ? Give me some suggestions to reduce UTI


Hie I am 2weeks pregnant, my husband is planning a trip in September month , is it safe for me to travel in flight or train?

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Bhavana Varun Kumar u need to meet ur gynac so that the doc will give u the right medicine or cream which u need to apply. Dont ignore it.; It won't affect the baby but if u ignore can be bad

Krutika Gor

MITALI AGRAWAL it's always better to avoid stressful travelling in the first 3 months as that's when majorly ur baby is developing. N hence it's good to avoid jerky train n road rides. Best time in the pregnancy to go for a vacation is in the 5th or 6th month

Krutika Gor

poornima don't worry about puking I had it till 21st week. Make sure u drink lots of water and eat small meals. This will help ease nausea. And for burning sensation make u can have chaas or cold milk or ice cream. But this sensation can also occur if u r hungry

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Seema Nagger go thru the below link...
What Beauty Treatments Are Safe During Pregnancy?

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My doctor gave me a tablet which I need to take thru my vagina.. any suggestions to reduce the discharge post taking that tablet..


What month are you on? Vinitha

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viran hie is the pregnancy treating u

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Usually I get my periods around 24-25-26 days.. today it's 30 days passed since I had my last periods. What should I do..?

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Of one line is faint in pregnancy and one is dark is iam pregnant or not


jasleen you have to see the doctor, they’ll take your bta hcg test after that they can confirm your pregnancy...


I missed my period this month.but pregnancy test is negative.and there is a pain in stomach is it normal


Ruby apko periods kb hue the last or apne kb check kia h


My last period was on 1st sep on 3rd oct I hv done my pregnancy test but second line was vry light in Pink Clr.after urine test my report was weakly positive ... if anyone knows pls tell me is it safe ? Or there can be complications? Today I feel little pain in my vagina what should I do ? Nd pls tell which pregnancy week is going on of mine

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Can I take duvadilan 10 mg tab for abdominal pain 10 week pregnancy

Shazia Hakim

It better to use progesterone supplement till 12 weeks of pregnancy..Better to use it vaginally ..n yes duvadilan is also safe @Dillip kumar patra..consult your gynaec for thorough check up..

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Some patient suffers from vomiting throughout can tab doxinate twice a day it is safe@poornima


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