How I Traveled With A Baby At Two Different Ages?

How I Traveled With A Baby At Two Different Ages?

Going on a trip with a little baby seems tough to many people and so a  lot of parents stay away from travelling till the baby is 2-3 years old. I would say that don’t let parenthood stop you from having fun and you will really enjoy the change that comes with a little holiday. I don’t have any expert tips for you and am just sharing my experiences of travelling with my daughter Idhaya.


Me and my husband took our first holiday to Pune when Idhaya was a little over  5 months and the next one to Chennai when she was nearly 11 months old. Let’s see how the trips went.




At 5 months, Idhaya slept throughout the flights and didn’t even wake up to feed.

At 11 months, she mostly slept while flying but took formula once on both the flights. She didn’t experience any problem and neither caused any for us.


Road Trips

Local travel in our holiday destinations was by taxi and it was super easy when Idhaya was 5 months old. She was exclusively breastfed then and so all I had to do was to feed her on demand. She rarely fussed in the car.


The second time, she was more sensitive and more mobile. She hated being stuck in the car and cried her lungs out every 1-2 hours unless asleep. It was difficult but we managed by stopping as soon as she became fussy. We showed her around a bit and drove on.

What I Fed My 11 Months Old Daughter on the Holiday

She was on formula and had solids too. We carried readymade baby cereal and biscuits along with formula. Rest of the times, I fed her whatever we ate. She was mostly on idlis but also had dosas, rice, vadas and fruits. I let go of my inhibitions about salt and sugar for peace of mind. After all we were there to relax and not to worry or being too picky.


I would love to know your experiences of travelling with a baby and any special tips that you have.


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