My Family Is My Real Wealth

My Family Is My Real Wealth

Once again I take out some time and reflect on  how fortunate  I am. Today let me express my gratefulness to my dear family.


First of all, I feel grateful to my loving parents who brought me in this world. In this  big universe, my own little world meant my supportive Dad, caring Mom and a friendly teasing Brother. Being the youngest one in the family used to be an advantage to me, whenever I and my brother had a fight. Remembering those times still bring a smile.


I am thankful to my maternal aunts, uncles and cousins, with whom I had the best of the times in my growing years. The days of togetherness during summer vacation used to be daily celebrations. Even, a simple birthday party at home felt like a big function in the family, planning those little games, decorating the house and cooking variety of dishes all at home. I think all this enhanced emotional bonding. 


I am thankful to my husband and my in-laws family who are equally loving and understanding. I am fortunate enough for having a very soft spoken hubby who tolerates “the short-tempered me ” many times.


Becoming a mother was the best thing that happened in my life. Our daughter came as a blessing and gave a new definition to our family . She is the daily source of my happiness and smiles. I feel thankful to my sweetheart who gave me the gift of motherhood. I am experiencing many emotions through my motherhood, rather re-living my childhood.


It’s just great to have my own small family who is constantly on my mind, wherever I  go I am thinking of them, caring for the , and just crave to return to them in the evening. The little one’s cute hugs, kisses and chirps relax me immediately. Even after a hectic day, I  love to cook for them. Now that my daughter is growing up fast, she too enjoys with me in the kitchen, sometimes trying to knead, cook a shapeless parantha or making tea. She actually makes a nice tea. Don’t these simplest things give the highest pleasures?


So let’s be grateful to our family who are our real wealth. Because when we grow old, it won’t matter how much bank balance we have or how big the house is, but only thing that would matter is how content and happy you are in your little world.


I think the following six mantras (if implemented) , can do wonders in any family :

  • Let me do it for you
  • I am Sorry
  • Thank you
  • I love you
  • This dish is so tasty
  • You’re looking so beautiful


Let us all be  grateful to our families. Let the busy life of today’s modern world not keep us away from showing how much we love and appreciate our dear family.


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