The Day I Got The Big News!!

The Day I Got The Big News!!

26th Sept 2016 was the date, around 6 in the evening, the day my life took a 360° turn. The day I was looking forward too. The day which will be always close to my heart.


After getting married, we were not planning for a kid immediately.  We wanted to spend some “WE” time. Days and years went by so quickly, we couldn’t believe we were almost 4 years down. Family, friends, relatives and every other person was waiting for us to announce the “good news”. But we were still into our own sweet “we time” zone. I guess we got too comfortable with it and didn’t wanted any new changes.


But our destiny had some other plans stored in for us. Since the mid of September I wasn’t feeling all good. It was all new, the giddiness, feeling low all the time, less energetic, mood swings. But I blamed it on my PMS. 1 week prior to the D day, I had all the symptoms one gets before getting the monthly cycle. Bloating, cramps, giddiness, pain in the thighs, mood swings. Infact i was so sure, i called up Mr.F (My hubby) to get the supplies for my monthly cycle, Imagine.


On the 26th, before leaving for work, Mr.F asked me to get ready in the  evening for dinner. I don’t know how and why this sudden plan happened. It wasn’t weekend, it wasn’t his off, this was all a spontaneous plan made by him (maybe the universe wanted us to celebrate). He came back on time, and I was all ready.


But before leaving, I went, grabbed the home pregnancy test from my cupboard and went straight into the washroom to check. ( yes, I actually did that, I know you must be thinking why, why on that particular day, on that particular moment, I have no answers, I just felt and went ahead. And yes, I still had 4 days remaining for my periods date. Usually people check after they pass their date, but me being me, did it earlier, not sure about it, crazy me. Maybe the intuition, maybe the curiosity. While taking it, I was damn sure it’s going to be negative, still I went ahead).



I followed the procedure, waited and without checking came out, because as I mentioned, I was sure it would be negative. I went again to throw it, and BOOOOOOMMMMM it was positive. I swear I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was standing there shocked. I started calling out Mr.F like a maniac.


Mr.F : ” I knew it’s going to be negative, time waste kiya na, ab chale, late ho raha hai, end time par kyu karne chali gayi yeh sab, lets go now” ( I knew it’s going to be negative, you wasted our time, can we leave, its getting late, why did you do it now, let’s go now).


I came out of the washroom, showed him the test and said, “Its Positive”. I still remember his expressions, shocked, poker face, quiet. After a long pause, he said “fake bhi aa jata haina kabhi kabhi ?” ( it does come out as fake sometimes, right?)


I wasn’t aware, and was like “Maybe”.

I called up my sister and said “I have sent you a pic, check and let me know what it means” ( I acted so dumb).

She called up immediately and started yelling with joy.


Sis : “Omg my lil sister is all grown up, you are going to be a mom, I can’t believe it…”

Me : “Sis, it can be fake right.. ”


Sis : No it cannot be, its 100% sure. Look at the deep lines, mine was much lighter than yours. You are for sure expecting. ( Comparisons. Common sisters are meant to do the comparison, anywhere, any topic, it’s our right )

Me : hmmmm ok. I’ll call you back.


Mr. F heard our conversation as i had put it on speaker. We stared at each other for a bit. And then Mr. F spoke.

Mr. F : Gul, can you see this blue denim of mine, its in such a bad condition, please wash it by tomorrow. I have told you long back about it. Please get it washed now.

Me : Huh???


Yesss, you read it right. This was my hubby’s reaction to my pregnancy. No hugs or kisses, no lifting me up in the air in his arms (yes I am that filmy, I always used to imagine that proper bollywood scene, where a heroine comes and announces her pregnancy and the hero lifts her up, hugs her, kisses her and than the song begins. I used to imagine the exact scene.)


But this is how Mr. F reacted. I was already in a tricky situation and his reaction made it all the more trickier. ( So my dears, it’s not always what you expect, I still don’t know, why he reacted that way. I still don’t know was his denim more important than the news. But yes, I do know, it’s not easier to handle the news of pregnancy. Even I wasn’t ready at that moment, I was so lost. I can totally understand what he must be going through. But he could have easily skipped mentioning about his denim )


We left for the dinner. Both were dead silent till we reached the restaurant. We ordered food, had our dinner and left the place (still no discussion on the news) .

We took a cab back home. Once we sat and driver was about to start. Mr. F finally spoke :

“Bhaiyya gaadi thodi dheere chalana, pothole bachake aur bumpy road dekh ke lena ” ( drive the car little slowly, avoid the potholes and bumpy road).

We looked at each other and smiled.


From then on, he never hesitated to care and express. It’s always little different for first time parents. You never know how you will react. Pregnancy news comes along with lot of other tags one isn’t prepared for.


So my dear friends, married or single, mom or mom-to-be, don’t expect much. Maybe you’ll get the reaction what you always dreamt about or the opposite of it. Give time, let it sink in, let it absorb. Once it’s accepted, you’ll be showered with loads of love, which will be remembered for life.


Discalimer:: All Photographs in this article are original and belong to the author. Reproducing them in any form without the permission of the author will not be allowed.




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