Navarasas Of Motherhood Through A Mother’s Eye

Navarasas Of Motherhood Through A Mother’s Eye

Bringing a new life into this world is when a woman is re-born. Motherhood is a beautiful journey which we all experience almost every day. It is full of challenges, up and downs, many wonderful and memorable moments that we will cherish forever.

During this journey, a mother goes through so many moments filled with gaining patience or sometimes seeing herself losing patience. Moments which brings proud smiles on her face so as moments that brings tears in her eyes.

Many of you must have heard about the Navrasas (Nine emotions). Those who haven’t then Navrasa – the nine moods/emotions are the basis of all human emotion – Love, Joy, Wonder, Peace, Anger, Courage, Sadness, Fear, and Disgust. I feel every motherhood journey has these Navrasas in it.


(LOVE) What should I write about it? Motherhood and Love goes hand-in-hand.


(JOY) She experiences this rasa at different stages of her child’s development. She was on the top of the world when: Her baby flipped for the first time; When her baby sat on his/her own for the first time; When her baby crawled for the first time; When her baby took the first step for the first time. This joy continues as her baby grows and achieves new milestones. Every moment is special.


(WONDER) She fills with joy and pride when: Her child who is not a baby anymore, starts pre-school and same happens when h(she) starts the public school. When her child starts achieving various milestones, she again fills with pride. She wonders how those tiny feet are achieving new heights. That is a moment of proud for every mother, or every parent. Sometimes she wonders how motherhood has changed her in many ways. She gets know her even better.


(PEACE) She feels satisfied seeing her child happy, content and satisfied. Even looking at her child sleeping cozily gives her peace.


(ANGER) She knows when to draw the line when: Her child misbehaves and cross “THAT” line. We all come across this situation sometime.


(COURAGE) She is a supermom when: Her child goes through a tough phase. Or to keep it even more simple then when it’s her child’s first day at school and she gathers all her courage for pick up when she knows that she might see those tears which will ask her “where were you MOM? I missed YOU.”


(SADNESS) She cried when: She gave birth to her child; she cried when she held her baby in her arms for the first time. Looking at the innocent face sleeping peacefully, she cried. But in her cry, there is a proud feeling of becoming a MOTHER. When her child goes through pain she experiences that pain. This pain is totally different from the pain that she had already gone through while giving birth.


(FEAR) She was scared when: It was confirmed that she is going to be a mother now. But this fear is more of a dilemma state she goes though thinking that whether she would to be a good mother? Whether she would be able to nurture her baby the same way her mom nurtured her? And many more questions like that.


(DISGUST) This term is nowhere in any parent’s dictionary. But looking at today’s society, every parent experiences this rasa/emotion/feeling when they hear about such circumstances/people that is making this society such a place where kids are losing their innocence at an early age & maturity is coming not because of their age or understanding but because of environment/surroundings.

She experiences all these emotions throughout her and her child’s future. MOM IS THE REFLECTION OF WOW. And seeing these many emotions in one person is amazing.


Have you experienced these Navrasas in your Motherhood? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Parenting!!


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