Beauty Regime That You Must Follow

Beauty Regime That You Must Follow

3 Apr 2018 | 4 min Read

Sahiti Chakravarthy

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After you become a mother, it is very difficult to take care of yourself. Your health, your body, your looks, everything about you takes a backseat. The baby comes first. But this is not a very wise choice. Of course the baby comes first. But you will be a better caregiver when you are beautiful, both inside and outside.


From the inside, a mother is forever beautiful. Nevertheless, the external you also matters a lot. You have to look beautiful, not for anyone else, but for you and only you. When you look beautiful, you feel beautiful and half the battle is already won. Wear your favorite dress with a glowing skin and you feel like a princess, all over again.


Today I will talk about our skin. After my delivery, I never bothered about my looks. Otherwise, I was really a fashion conscious female, complete with a nice attire, lipstick on my lips, kajal for my eyes, nail polish on my fingers and toes  and all things that make a woman look more attractive like regular clean ups, facials, etc.


Believe me or not, but I have never applied nail polish after my  baby popped  out and it is 6+ years now. I forgot about my trips to the parlor. Alas! How I started missing those days.


As if in response to my worries, I stumbled upon the OIL CLEANSING METHOD. This form of cleansing removes all kind of dirt from your face. I read about it and was impressed with the way people were writing about it. So I could not stop myself from trying it out. All beautiful ladies out there, this is the first hand experience from me.


  • Take a few drops of oil. Wherever I read, it was mentioned as olive oil, almond oil, castor oil and others. I thought of using coconut oil. Just make sure it is pure. Do not buy other oils that burn a hole in your pocket. When coconut oil is doing the trick, stick to it. The best and the cheapest.
  • Apply a few drops of oil on your face and start rubbing it in. Upward and outward movements only. Be gentle, this is your skin not your ‘chai ka bartan’. Use light strokes with your fingertips.
  • Massage for a couple of minutes and leave it on for a couple of more minutes.
  • Then take a soft cloth, dip it in hot water (as much hot as you can tolerate), drain off the excess water and place it on your face. When it becomes cold, remove it, wipe your face with the same cloth. Again upward and outward.
  • Rinse the cloth thoroughly and repeat the above step 3 more times.
  • Your skin becomes squeaky clean, after these steps and just splash some cold water on it. Do not use any face wash or soap. Repeat the same thing the next day.


It has been 10 days, I started doing oil cleansing. I did not feel the need to go back to anything else. No soap has touched me since then. And my skin does not feel oily or dirty any more.


In fact, I have a combination skin and my T-zone is well maintained with this. You don’t trust me right? Even I didn’t. But after trying it for 1 week, I had to share this with everyone and I am not exaggerating.


It hardly takes 15-20 minutes of your daily routine. Please try it and let me know in the comments.


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the article are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect BabyChakra’s point of view. BabyChakra does not assume any responsibility for the views expressed in the article.


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