Sunidhi Chauhan Sings To Her Baby Every Minute, And He Loves It!

Sunidhi Chauhan Sings To Her Baby Every Minute, And He Loves It!

They say a baby recognises his/her mum’s voice from the womb itself. And if a baby’s mum is a famous singer, there’s no doubt that s/he will be exposed to great music all the time.


Singer Sunidhi Chauhan welcomed a baby boy on 1st January, 2017 with husband composer Hitesh Sonik. When asked in an interview if she sings lullabies to her little one Sunidhi replied, “It’s [singing] not just to make him sleep; I sing to him every minute. I think he likes it when I sing to him. I feel he responds to different tunes. Also, since he has known my voice ever since he was in my womb, he really loves to listen to what I sing for him.”


Sunidhi went on a break from singing in her third trimester and now that her baby is three months old, she can’t wait to get back to work. The Desi Girl singer has given us great music, so we can’t wait for her to get back!


We might not have a golden voice like Sunidhi, but studies have repeatedly proved that when a mum talks and sings to her baby often, it facilitates bonding. Here are more advantages of singing to your baby in the womb and beyond.


Singing and talking to your angel makes your voice the first and most important voice in his/her life.

Babies can calm down when they are upset just by hearing the sound of your voice.

Music plays an important role on language building and vocabulary.

Rhythm and rhyme in music helps babies understand words


So even if you are a bathroom singer, sing to your baby, and sing with love, because for her/him, you’re the biggest rockstar on the planet!


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