15 Ideas For Moms - Me Time!

15 Ideas For Moms - Me Time!

Motherhood is the most beautiful on this earth. It completes a woman in every sense.  It is also a very big responsibility and keep us mothers on our toes for most of our waking time. We are so busy with all our mommy-duties that we really forget to give some time to ourselves. According to a study, the average mother gets only about 17 minutes for herself during a day. The modern woman takes care of her children, goes to work and shares the largest burden of household responsibilities. Thus, there is very little or almost no time left for herself during the whole day.


It is very important to dedicate at least a few minutes every day for the  woman in you. It has a plethora of positive effects on you as an individual. For example, it rejuvenates you for taking up all the challenges with a fresh mind. Also, some free time really goes a long way in maintaining your mental and physical health.


Here are 15 cool ideas to get some time out for yourself:


  1. Have a nap – A short nap during the afternoon really pumps you up.
  2. Read a book – Pick up that book which you bought and never read. A type of meditation for mind.
  3. Talk to a friend – Pick up your phone and dial your friend’s number. Do not message over WhatsApp or other social media. Talk!
  4. Do some home spa – Pick up a good facial kit online. Most of them are very easy to use by following the instructions on the pack.
  5. Meditate – Close your eyes when your kids are sleeping and practice breathing exercises. Helps in calming down the mind to a great extent.
  6. Watch something at the TV or laptop – Catch up on your favorite TV series, watch a new movie on Netflix.
  7. Let daddy take charge – Yes! For a day or two when dad is at home, let him be responsible for the kids. Order food from outside and enjoy your rest day.
  8. Try something new in cooking – This is especially like a therapy for those who like cooking. Pick up a totally new and exotic recipe on the internet and give it a try.
  9. Go shopping – Try the retail therapy and it will definitely make you feel better. It is not necessary that you splurge on expensive items. Why on earth does ‘window-shopping’ exists? ;)
  10. Go out on a lunch date with your husband – For a day, call one of your relatives    hire a babysitter and surprise your husband by visiting his office and asking him out for lunch. This will make both of you happy.
  11. Try some craft/DIY – If you are a mother, you already know how useful DIYs are. Apart from helping you to recycle the things you already have at home, it also helps in breaking the monotony of your routine. Try it!
  12. Browse through old photos – It will infuse a happiness and calmness in the mind as you take a walk down the memory lane.
  13. Pray – It helps in releasing the stress from your system. Read a holy book when you have time.
  14. Take a walk – Everyday in the morning or in the evening, go out for a short stroll. You get instant energy after this and also get a chance to meet people. Also, it helps in maintaining your body’s fitness.
  15. Write – You can write what happened through your day, or a poetry or a story – whatever you feel like writing. Maintain a journal. It makes excellent memoir of the days gone by.


So, these and many such things you can try on a daily basis to take out some time for yourself. It helps in transforming an exhausted, tired and overwhelmed mother into an engaging and more content one. Go for it ladies!


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