Keeping Your Marriage: Young MomStar Sheeba Shares Important Tips

Keeping Your Marriage: Young MomStar Sheeba Shares Important Tips

How to keep the magic alive in your marriage? Why is it important to communicate with your spouse? Marriages and maintaining relationships are complicated nowadays. Fallouts after fights are becoming common, and more marriages are breaking. We asked Momstar Sheeba Rizvi (who has been happily married for 14 years) to give us some tips to maintain healthy relationships.

Q: My question is, you’ve been in a marriage for 14 long years! What is the most important thing that keeps the bond strong. ? Is adjustment key and how do we ensure marriage is a partnership?

A: The most important thing in a relationship is good listening ability, trust and taking responsibility  of your actions. We never judge anyone and if one of us is wrong at any point, we accept it and never break communication.


Q: How to maintain the love charm in relationships or avoid fights and disputes? What's the secret?

Should women should be independent economically?

A: Giving time to each other is very very important. No matter how busy your day was but never avoid your loved ones. Compliments are a must. Try to avoid fights and never allow ego to come in the way. Agree to disagree as we all have different perceptions. It's good if woman is economical independent as it helps to solve many issues and build confidence.


Q: How to maintain good relationship and avoid argument?

A: Good listening and giving respect to each other's points are the secrets of maintaining  relationships. Sometimes argument is necessary but it should be healthy without ego or superiority issues.


Q: How do we maintain our relationships for no complaints from both sides? After 7 yrs of marriage and two kids, is it possible to live like as we live some yrs ago?

A: Complaints, arguments, fights these all are common and very much okay because it helps to keep it alive but should not go beyond the limits and never lose respect and trust. My marriage is 14 years old but still we are more or less same as before because certain things I have accepted which are not going to change. We do have arguments but I usually keep mum at the moment and leave the place. I try to make him realise about his tone and the issue and that time he himself realises it.


Q: How do we bring a balance in other relationships such as friendships? Once the baby comes in your priorities become a little different , how do we ensure that our friends (who don't have kids our their own) don't feel bad if we can't make it for social meet ups?

A: When we get married our compromises start from day one. We can't deny this any how there's no bigger relation than our kids. Kids are our responsibility, our life and true friends do understand if they come to your place. Engage with your kids have fun together. It's not that you have go out for social meet ups.


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