Doctor Climbs Hill, Crosses River To Help Tribal Woman In Labour

It's difficult for us to imagine living in a place that has limited or no access to quality healthcare, isn't it? And for those pregnant or parents of a young child, even the thought of being far away from a doctor is downright scary!


While we city dwellers boast of being surrounded by qualified doctors, some villages in our country don't have a health centre for miles. One such village is Balam, in Odisha. Though the nearest health clinic is 7km away, a large part of the distance has to be covered on foot through a hill and a meandering river.


A tribal woman from the village, Sitadadu Raita, went into labour. She started walking towards the health centre with her husband and family members but couldn’t carry on after a point. Her husband left her inside the forest with relatives and rushed to the block development officer (BDO) for help. When the officer contacted the centre, a young doctor, Dr Yagnadatta Rath, 29, sprung into action and left for the village in an ambulance.


The ambulance covered 4km, but the rest of the distance had to be covered on foot. By the time Rath reached Raita, the woman had already delivered a baby girl, but her placenta was not out. Rath took over, asked the men to move away to ensure the mum got privacy, and helped deliver the placenta. He even helped the mother and baby reach the ambulance which took them to the health centre, where they were to be kept under observation.  


Rath, who is an ad hoc doctor at the Tumudibandha community centre at Kandhamal, 7km from Balam, has become the medical fraternity’s new hero. Hats off to these selfless doctors, who follow the Hippocratic oath.


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