This Is Dhara: For Her, Work Is Child’s Play!

This Is Dhara: For Her, Work Is Child’s Play!

My Mom Quotient:

“A hands on mommy, passionate entrepreneur, a multitasker and a struggling cook,” that’s how I would like to introduce myself. I start my day at 6:00 am (including weekends) and hit the sack by 10:30 pm.  I have an action-packed day juggling between emails, planning my sessions, filling up on groceries, meeting clients and of course conducting The Kids Company’s sessions!



He takes onus of his homework, materials to be carried to school and on good days he even helps me change bed covers!


My Mom Inc. Story: 


Back in 2008, as a postgraduate working as a media manager in a multinational media house, I had a promising career ahead. That’s when I bagged one more qualification, one that needs no college or formal degree, ‘Motherhood!’ 


From a corporate working woman, I became a stay-at-home, hands-on-mommy, very content with my new responsibility.


I was completely in awe of the wonderful surprises my son would have for me every day. ‘Get a helper for your son’ was the most clichéd piece of advice given by most of my ‘well-wishers’. However, I decided to go against it. With each passing day I was convinced of not getting back to the ever-demanding corporate world.  However, the question ‘Where am I heading professionally?’ kept haunting me. 


As my son grew from an infant to a toddler, he and I would often spend our afternoons playing board games or creating ‘robots’ with blocks.




I decided to learn everything about child development and care and took up a formal one year course. So strong was my passion for the subject that I topped my batch with a distinction and became a qualified Early Childhood Care and Education Provider.


Theory and practical knowledge both complement each other when it comes to learning something new. To gain practical knowledge, when my son turned three, I took up a job in a daycare-cum-activity-center for kids with only one condition from my side, that my son shall accompany me there after his school. These were systematic and planned steps to help me reach my goal.


Inception of The Kids Company - my dream! 


The formal course and practical experience both reinforced my belief that early childhood education should be filled with lots of enjoyment and play, allowing children to live their childhood to the fullest and not miss out on the most important ingredients of growing up. Working upon this insight, ‘The Kids Company’ was born in 2013.


 At The Kids Company, we expose our children to a world beyond academics through a variety of innovative teaching methods and allow them to discover a host of age appropriate themes and concepts.


Our curriculum has been designed with a view to enable learning through an interesting blend of internationally best selling and award winning educational board games, mind bending and stimulating puzzles, mazes, crosswords, sudokus and many more brain tickling activities.


In our LEGO sessions, we take our kids on a journey to explore their imagination and creativity. Each session entails our unique inhouse creations (non manual based) for our children, where they get an opportunity to explore the unlimited possibilities that various LEGO bricks can create.


Our activities are aimed at improving the child’s skills related to logical thinking, problem solving, self management, communication and interpersonal skills.


We want our children to be intellectually engaged and more importantly have FUN!

To know more about The Kids Company, and to read some heartfelt testimonies from parents, log on to



Who Inspired Me The Most:



I strongly believe that if there is service that caters to kids, they surely have a right to approve, argue and at times even scrape off some ideas.


Advice For Mompreneurs:

According to me, motherhood can get overwhelming at times and if one decides to be a Mompreneur, it surely is a roller coaster ride! A mompreneur needs to have a very clear as vision as to what her goals are and set realistic timelines to achieve them. Don’t be cruel to yourself, set realistic timelines.



He may need you more than your venture. Just flow with the tide, everything evens out in the end. However don’t forget, ‘perseverance’ is the mantra!


Sharing a quote which inspires me and keeps me going - ‘Organize your life around your dreams – and watch them come true.’



I Love BabyChakra Because....

Often mommies find it difficult to figure out whom to go to for answers to their questions and more so ‘not be judged’ for asking those questions. First time mommies have a plethora of questions and doubts.


Babychakra is one platform which addresses all these queries and offers many other services to parents (which probably they aren’t even aware of!)



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