Why This Kerala Dad’s Vasectomy Post Is Worth Reading And Sharing!

We live in an era of wireless phones, smart technology and fancy gadgets. But when it comes to issues like menstruation and family planning, some of us still have the mindset of that belongs the dark ages.


Thanks to the media and certain movies based on social causes, menstruation has become less of a taboo. However, speak about birth control, and we have even the most educated men saying, “that’s a female’s responsibility.”


But a Kerala dad’s Facebook post on vasectomy comes like a breath of fresh air. Habeeb, a resident of Palakkad district, Kerala, shared his vasectomy experience and explained why it is a better option than women undergoing tubectomy.


Habeeb and his wife Anju decided to undergo permanent contraception after the birth of their second child. Habeeb wrote on facebook, “We decided that if Anju were to undergo another Caesarean section, then she would get a tubectomy done in the same procedure. Otherwise, I would get a vasectomy done,” he wrote. After weighing the pros and cons, Habeeb decided to undergo a vasectomy.


“Vasectomy is a simple procedure. It will not affect ejection, ejaculation or orgasm. It is a relatively painless surgical procedure with a shorter recovery period. There are no restrictions as such, and sexual relationship can be resumed very soon.”


“At the same time, tubectomy is a major surgery. This is the best option for those undergoing a caesarean since both can be completed at the same time. But what if you have a normal delivery? For this procedure, you will get general anesthesia and the recovery can take about weeks. The possibility of infection and other complications are relatively high.” he added


Habeeb then questioned, “Why is it that when it comes to family planning, we don’t opt for a relatively simpler option like vasectomy and make women undergo a more complex procedure?”


He ended with some lovely words. “So, dear women, at a time when both men and women have equal options to partake in family planning, when there’s a much easier operation than the one you will have to undergo, if the man is lovingly pushing you towards the surgery, you must tell him, “You go and undergo this procedure”. Anyway, it’s not as challenging/demanding as giving birth to a child.”


So there you go dads, vasectomy does not alter your “machoness” in any way. Take a leaf out of Habeeb’s book, because it’s also the man’s responsibility. 

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