10 Things You Must Do To Support Your Pregnant Wife

10 Things You Must Do To Support Your Pregnant Wife

As an involved and concerned husband, it is important for you to comfort your pregnant wife. Well, you certainly can't carry the baby for her, or eat for her, or go through the discomforts of pregnancy on her behalf! But there are many things you can do to support her from the side-lines – and these little acts of thoughtfulness and concern can go a long way in easing her journey! Here are ways on how to support your pregnant wife.

1. Talk to her:

She might be overwhelmed, and scared and tired – and all she might want is an attentive ear, and someone to lean on. Be there for her. Similarly, you might also be apprehensive, and overwhelmed yourself with the realization that you are going to be a father. Talk to her, tell her how you feel. Both of you will feel better, and you'll be secure in the knowledge that you are there for each other in this roller coaster journey. Keep the communication lines wide open – it always helps!

2. Understand that she will be moody:

Hormonal changes, combined with exhaustion, tiredness, and a general sense of discomfort, and the feeling of her life having changed irrevocably - all these combine to make many women moody during their pregnancy. One second she might be happy, the next, she might be crying – you have to understand that she cannot help it. All you have to do is offer her a shoulder to cry on, and a clean handkerchief!


3. Accept her food aversions and cravings:

If she enjoys dosas today, she might be throwing up tomorrow at their smell. Support her in her choices, and understand them.

4. Accompany her to doctor's visits and ultrasound scans:

It might not always be feasible, but whenever you can, go with her to the doctor on her monthly check-ups. Hold her hand during ultrasound scans.  Not only is it lovely to share the moment of hearing your child's heartbeat, or seeing its image on screen, but these moments form great memories for you to look back on!

5. Educate yourself:

Read books, browse websites that talk about pregnancy and birth. If you make it your business to know everything about pregnancy, you can take informed decisions on pregnancy and health along with your wife.

6. Make sure she is getting enough nutrition:

Ensure that there are always enough fruits, vegetables and nuts at home. You could find out what she prefers to eat now, and go out of your way to make it available for her. She might be too exhausted to monitor her own diet – it will be great if you can do it for her.

7. Let her get rest and sleep:

Though it doesn't look like it, her body is doing a lot of work even when your wife is at rest. So she'll need lots of sleep and rest. Increase your quota of housework. Give her breaks. However, it doesn't mean that your wife shouldn't do any work around the house at all. Being active during pregnancy is one of the keys to an easy delivery. But she can get tired very quickly in the first trimester, in which case, it'll be nice for her if you step in.

8. Don't cut down on intimacy:

The first trimester might not be too conducive for having sex. You wife might be too tired, and/or you might be too overwhelmed. No matter what the situation is between the two of you, it shouldn't stop you from hugging, or cuddling. Touch is very important to feel loved, and so as much as possible, cuddle up with her. And she might not be feeling very comfortable with her body, and the attention you lavish upon her might help her feel loved and secure.

9. Help her get exercise:

Exercise and walking, on the advice of a doctor, are important for your wife's health. If she herself isn't motivated enough to do it, you could gently induce her to accompany you. Exercising together is always nicer, and there's more motivation that way!

10. Answer all her calls:

It might be an emergency – or it might not; she might just need to hear your voice. No matter what, answer all her phone calls, and be connected with her all the time.

Pregnancy is life-altering. You cannot expect your wife to be the same as she was before she was pregnant. She needs all the love and support possible, and the best person to give it to her is you. Remember, the more you support her, the happier and more comfortable she will be!


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