Books for kids to read in summer

Books for kids to read in summer

Summer holidays are almost upon us. What are you planning to do with your kids this summer vacation? Travel? Enrol them in summer camps? Whatever you do, don’t forget to encourage them to read as well. Here are a few curated summer-themed books that your kids will absolutely love!



This category of books are a good way to introduce the summer season, the changes in weather and the activities kids can indulge in during summer.


Summer (The Seasons) by Nuria Ruco

Recommended For: 3+ years


Image Source: momtastic


One in the four-volume series, this beautifully illustrated book will appeal to early readers. The text is descriptive and simple to understand.


Mama, Is It Summer Yet? By Nikki McClure

Recommended For: 3-5 years


Image Source: cbcbooks


A little boy can’t wait for the summer to begin and asks his mama, “Is it summer yet?” His mother points out all the changes in the spring season that is gradually turning into summer. This timeless book illustrates McClure’s extraordinary paper cut-outs of nature and outdoors.


Let It Shine by Maryann Cocca-Leffler

Recommended For: 3-5 years


Image Source: scholastic


This is one more adorable book on the wonders of the summer season. Your child will absolutely love the characters exploring the vibrant and sunny outdoor scenes in the summer.



The adventures of summer camps showcased in these books will excite young readers!


Herman’s Holiday by Tom Percival

Recommended For: 3-5 years


Image Source: nlb.overdrive


Two best friends, Herman and Henry are on an unforgettable camping adventure.


The Night Before Summer Camp by Natasha Wing

Recommended For: 3-6 years


Image Source: scholastic



This is one more offering from Natasha Wing in her ‘Night before’ series. In this quick paced, poetry styled book, one little camper is nervous and unsure of the summer camp. Check out ‘The Night Before Summer Vacation’ by the same author which is an equally interesting read.


A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee by Chris Van Dusen

Recommended For: 4+ years


Image Source: goodreads



A peaceful camping trip suddenly takes on an adventurous turn when Mr. Maggee and his dog, Dee, find themselves plunging down a mountain and at the edge of a huge waterfall. Kids will love this well illustrated book with rhyming text!


Orlando the Marmalade Cat A Camping Holiday by Kathleen Hale

Recommended For: 3-5 years


Image Source: booktopia



Published over 70 years ago, this beautifully illustrated book is as popular as ever. Orlando, the Marmalade Cat, his wife Grace and their kittens head off to the country for a fun filled camping adventure.



These books are great to prepare kids for fun filled family holidays.


The House Takes A Vacation by Jacqueline Davies and Lee White

Recommended For: 3-5 years


Image Source: goodreads



This beautiful oil and colored pencil illustrated book is also a hilarious read. A house decides to go on a vacation, but the different parts of the house can’t agree on where to go.


Peppa Goes on Holiday by Ladybird

Recommended For: 3-5 years


Image Source: penguin


An absolute hit with little kids, Peppa and George along with Mama Pig and Papa Pig travel to Italy. They have a gala time, but Peppa leaves poor Teddy behind. Will she get him back?


Maisy Goes on Holiday by Lucy Cousins

Recommended For: 3-5 years


Image Source: bookwise



This book, by multi-award winner Lucy, tells kids on what to expect on a holiday. Maisy packs her bag and catches a train to the seaside with her friend. They have lots of fun on the beach. She even sends a postcard home.


Going on a Plane by Roderick Hunt and Alex Brychta

Recommended For: 3-5 years


Image Source: theworks


Perfect for a child who is nervous about flying in the plane for the first time. The stories through humour and cleverly integrated facts introduce your child to what to expect when flying.


Mr. Men on Holiday by Roger Hargreaves

Recommended For: 4+ years


Image Source: goodreads

Little Miss Sunshine organises a summer holiday for Little Miss Scatterbrain and invites all her friends for some fun in the sun.


Pictures From Our Vacation by Lynne Rae Perkins

Recommended For: 4+ years


Image Source: goodreads


In the age of cameras and selfie sticks, this book teaches kids to learn the importance of enjoying the moment. Memories can’t always be captured in pictures.


Summer is about visiting relatives and meeting cousins!


The Relatives Came by Cynthia Rylant

Recommended For: 5 years


Image Source: goodreads


This beautifully illustrated picture book recounts a family’s summer visit to their relatives. They hug, eat, play music and have lots of fun. When it is time to leave, they are sad, but not for long, as the family knows they will meet again the next summer.


The Summer Visitors by Karel Hayes

Recommended For: 4-6 years


Image Source: goodreads

These visitors are not your ordinary relatives or friends, but a family of bears that moves into a cottage next door hoping to avoid detection by the family of humans holidaying there. Illustrated beautifully with minimal words, kids will enjoy the antics of the bears. If your child enjoys this book, let her know that these visitors also show up in the Winter, Christmas and Autumn.



Summer is all about holidays and loads of fun!

Ice Cream Summer by Peter Sis

Recommended For: 4+ years


Image Source: goodreads

A little boy writes a letter to his grandpa describing his summer. Though he assures him that he is reading, writing, practising math, all the little boy’s activities involve ice cream. It is funny for readers, especially who love the frozen treat, as they can see what grandpa can’t.


A Pocketful of Cricket by Rebecca Caudill

Recommended For: 6 years


Image Source: instarix


Six-year-old Jay has a fun summer where he collects odd items around his family’s old farmhouse. On the first day of school, Jay is not ready to let go of these things, which remind him of summer.


Heat Wave by Eileen Spinelli

Recommended For: 4-6 years


Image Source: goodreads


As the mercury rises in Lumberville, its residents are having a hard time keeping themselves cool. This book is a walk down memory lane as it reminds us of our days before air conditioning.


The Moon Jumpers by Janice May Udry

Recommended For: 4+ years


Image Source: goodreads


Even though it’s illustrated by the celebrated Maurice Sendak, it isn’t remembered much. This book is about the way kids in 60s celebrated summer evenings by climbing trees, attempting to touch the moon and catching fireflies. It is a timeless classic, and your kid will surely like it.


Summer Days and Nights by Wong Herbert Yee

Recommended For: 2-6 years


Image Source: nlb.overdrive



In this picture book, a little girl finds ways to entertain herself and stay cool in the summer season. Young readers will appreciate the simple joys experienced by the little girl.


Harry by the Sea by Gene Zion

Recommended For: 4+ years


Image Source: goodreads


Kids will love the funny misadventures of young Harry who goes to the beach and gets mistaken for a sea creature when a giant wave covers him in seaweed.



Apart from story books, activity books too should interest young readers looking to keep themselves busy through the hols!


My First Creativity Book: Holidays by Fiona Munro

Recommended For: 3+ years


Image Source: bookxcessonline

This simple sticker and activity book full of dot to dots, mazes and spot the differences will keep the kids entertained for hours during holidays.


Travel Doodles by Adrian Barclay

Recommended For: 4+ years


Image Source: thebookpeople

This fun, simple and creative doodle book boasts of a number of travel-based scenes. As no drawing skills are required, kids are inspired to get creative with outdoorsy scenes which include campsites with tents, rainforest, arctic adventures, tree houses, etc.


Well, there are plenty of books to keep young minds engrossed this summer! Did I miss any of your kid’s favourites? Perhaps yours? Let me know in comments below!


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