Beat The Heat With Sweet And Salty Sattu Drinks

Sattu powder is basically made with roasted black chanas. Sattu drink is very filling and healthy. During summers, it helps to keep your body hydrated and also boosts energy. Sattu has cooling properties and keeps you active throughout the day.

Sattu drink is not only beneficial for babies but for elders too. It has so many properties which are good for body.

So, here I am sharing two variations of Sattu drink- salty and sugary.

For the salty variation:-



  • Sattu
  • Salt
  • Roasted cumin powder
  • Lemon juice
  • Water


  • Just mix 3-4 spoons of sattu with water. (You can adjust the consistency as per your liking)
  • Add salt, lemon juice, roasted jeera powder and mix well


The yummilicious sattu drink is ready to serve.

Note - You can also add chopped mint leaves, onions and grated raw mangoes.

For the sweet version:-


  • Sattu
  • Water
  • Sugar/palm candy/jaggery/honey ( whatever you like to use for sweetness)


  • Mix sattu powder in water.
  • Add sugar and mix well and it's ready.


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Comments (10)

How can we prepare sattu at home

Our bihari n u.p. Dish

Chaitanya Kolisetty; usually the grams are roasted and grinded in; mill. See if you can do it at home. I get the one from mill itself.

Abhilasha Jaiswal; yup. Where are you from?

@sonampatel m from varanasi

I love it. My favourite drink.

I gave to my baby

I wish I knew this before

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