Joint Family Setup Comes With Support But It’s Not For Me

Joint Family Setup Comes With Support But It’s Not For Me

It’s a never-ending debate- Joint Family vs Nuclear Family. To each their own. Everybody has their reasons and so do I. I will any day prefer managing everything on my own rather than having to worry about the opinion of the extended family. Born and brought up in a nuclear family, I know no other way to live and I just can’t deal with the chaos that comes with living with the in-laws.


Don’t get me wrong, I have perfectly nice set of ‘new’ parents and my husband has no brothers so effectively joint family brings only his parents to my home. My in-laws come from a small town but they don’t interfere in how we live in the city. It all looks good until they visit. My whole routine goes for a toss which is certainly not a good feeling.


Initially after becoming a mother, I felt that it will be good to have them live with me so that I get some support and they can have fun with their granddaughter. Though they are not keen on staying with us, my mother-in-law agreed to stay for a month or so.


Soon, I found out that this is not working. She doesn’t approve of a lot of things I do especially as a mom yet thankfully she doesn’t say much. Sometimes she tries to apply her practices in my household and I have to politely decline. I am sure that she feels disappointed or maybe a little sad even but there’s nothing much I can do about that.


In a nutshell, I feel that it’s best to live separately so that we all are happy. Obviously, they will have to move with us after a certain age but by then my daughter will be older and I will be more mature. Lastly, my husband is the one who calms me down and supports me so we both will find the optimum solutions to everyday dilemmas.


Do you prefer joint or nuclear family and why?


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