April Is Back To School – Is Your Child Ready?

April Is Back To School – Is Your Child Ready?

12 Apr 2018 | 4 min Read

Mausam Pandya

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Summers are synonymous with swimming, sleeping in hammocks and spending time at the beach. But like all good things, they too come to an end. And after the joyous ride of summer, going back to school may seem like a grim prospect to many. But take heart, there are some easy ways to turn grim into gleeful, dreary into delightful.

Retain one hobby

Yes, school has begun and yes, routine rules. But what if your child’s routine included one hour of her favourite activity – swimming, cycling, playing the guitar, dancing, skating or whatever puts her in a vivacious mood. Just remember it shouldn’t be anything lazy like simply watching tv. Make sure the hobby you and your child select is an active one and requires her to move and/or think. This will ensure better blood circulation and releasing of endorphins – the happy, feel good hormones. With such a positive state of mind, I bet homework will become a joyride too!

Plan snazzy lunchbox ideas

Imagine your child sitting at McDonalds enjoying her french fries. Are you picturing the glee on her face. What if we could capture that glee and give it to her everyday in her lunchbox in small doses.

Sit down with your child and ask her what would she like in her lunch box. Make two lists, one list for the foods she loves and the second for the foods that are good for her health. Like all mothers, we know those two lists look very different. Try to combine them both. For example, turn a parotha into a pizza or roti-subzi into a burrito. Only you will know the secret healthy veggies in the recipe.

Have a fun routine

Wake your little one with the sound of her favourite song. Dance as you brush and ready the bath. Make mornings a happy, fun time. I ask my daughter what would she like to wear today to school, both choices being identical as it’s her uniform. Crack jokes, sing songs, make the getting ready experience enjoyable.

Build a tradition

Traditions create lasting bonds and makes a child feel special. They don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. They can be as simple as bringing a toy from home everyday when you pick up your kid from school. Or counting trees on your way to school. Or playing I spy with my little eye.

Meet & Greet

A few days before your child’s school begins, take her to meet her new class teacher, let her explore her new classroom, point out how colourful it is (if your kid is in kindergarten) or how you can see that tree from this window. Tell her teacher about how sincere or creative your child is or any other positive quality about your child. Also share one or two minor milestones your child has achieved during summer break like learning to ride a bicycle or going on a trek. If you treat your kid with love and respect, her teacher will definitely do so too.

Browse through her new books. Let her know how exciting this year is going to be. What all she is going to learn now that she has grown and is more intelligent than before. Make your child feel entitled to begin a new academic year and watch your little Einstein discover the joy of learning.

Going to school should not be a chore. It should be a fascinating experience. Talk to your child in earnest. Tell her stories about your school going days and how much fun you had. Listen to her anxieties and acknowledge them. Inform her about the importance of education and the value of things learnt in school. Sending a reluctant child to school can be an uphill task, but encouragement, support and fun can help along the journey!


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