Rujuta Diwekar Says Yes To Masala Chai, So Enjoy Your Cuppa Guilt-Free!

Rujuta Diwekar Says Yes To Masala Chai, So Enjoy Your Cuppa Guilt-Free!

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar is arguably one of India’s best nutritionists. Her fundas on eating good old traditional Indian meals to achieve weight loss have surprised many. After we’ve seen actor Kareena Kapoor lose oodles of weight with her diet, we can’t help believe in Diwekar’s food theories.


Most dieticians or health experts so far have been saying milk, white sugar and tea is bad for us. However, Diwekar says the gold old chai is absolutely healthy and must be consumed with sugar! Eh?


In an interview with TOI, Diwekar busted some myths about the good old masala chai!


She said that one can safely have 2-3 cups of milky chai in a day but chai must not be had:

1. The first thing in the morning

2. In place of a meal

3. The last thing before sleeping.


She also said that chai with milk and spices is considered an antioxidant-rich drink that aids recovery.


When asked if green tea was better, Diwekar insisted that green tea/ green coffee was only “good for profits, not for people.” She also was very clear that one could and should add sugar in the tea as the World Health Organisation (WHO) says 6-9 tsp of sugar in a day is ok. It’s the sugars hidden in biscuits, cereals, fruit juices etc that we must stay away from!


So there you go. Say bye to black tea, green tea and sugar free tea and have it like our ancestors did. With milk, sugar and tons of conversation!


Disclaimer: Information has been sourced from timesofindia


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