Chinese Boy Born Four Years After Parents Die In Car Crash

Miracles happen in pockets around the world and this story is an example of a miracle made possible by advancements in medicine. A Chinese couple was trying for a child and after two years of marriage, they realised they couldn’t conceive normally. So they turned to in vitro fertilisation (IVF) to become parents.


The couple, Shen Jie and Liu Xi were preparing for the embryo transplant. However, five days before the procedure, they died in a car crash in March 2013.


After the couple’s death, their parents fought a long, legal battle for the custody of the embryos of Shen and Liu. They won the case and finally received custody of the embryos in Jan 2017. The embryos were driven to Laos in search of a surrogate mother since surrogacy is illegal in China.


In December 2017, Shen and Liu’s little boy was born in a hospital in Guangzhou. Liu’s mother gave him the name Tiantian, or “sweet”. Last month, the family had a party to celebrate Tiantian’s first 100 days.


Even after his birth, the legal complications continue. The grandparents had to carry out DNA tests to prove their relationship to Tiantian and keep custody.


The little boy will have no parents but his arrival on earth was destined, thanks to his wonderful grandparents. Do you think it was fair on Tiantian’s grandparents to bring him into this world after the loss of his parents?

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