Post Holi Healthy Diet Tips

Post Holi Healthy Diet Tips

3 Mar 2015 | 3 min Read

DrBhavi Mody

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Awwww ): its Holi and I can’t eat my gujjiyas and papri chaat. Is this what you feel??

Don’t worry! It’s time for some HEALTHY DIET TIPS to follow post holi so you don’t feel the guilt. It’s holi and time for parties, fun, masti, dhamaal and some food. (Binge eating).

1. While it’s ok to take a break from your eating pattern once in a while, do make sure that it’s a onetime affair and you are not doing it on a routine basis at every weekend. All weekends are not Holi so be wise.

2. While you may eat/binge on delicacies of your choice, keep in mind Portion Control. Be wise and control your portions.

3. Follow sensible eating pattern. Eat right and don’t Starve.

4. Please (please!) don’t skip meals. Skipping meals lowers your metabolism and you go into the vicious cycle of starving and binge eating. This seriously hampers all your efforts to lose weight.

5. Healthy well balanced meals are what your body needs. Power pack it with the right nutrients: Protein, fruits, vegetables, fibre, carbs (yes carbs! not all carbs are bad) and some amount of fat ~3 teaspoons a day. Don’t go absolutely fat free.


Here is what one must do post holi.

1. Do not skip breakfast: eat a healthy breakfast, you may go on a low-fat  breakfast.

2. Fruits are just awesome to start your day with. Smoothies, fruit yogurt or cereals with skimmed milk could be some healthy choices.

3. A great mid-morning snack could be some coconut water with its malai or some fruit with green tea.

4. Lunch should be wholesome with whole wheat or multigrain Rotis, lots of vegetables and dal. Always start your lunch with a large helping of salad.

5. Evening snack can be cut vegetables with hummus or yogurt dip.

6. Dinner keep it light. Sprouts and soup or low fat paneer stir fried with a lot of vegetables.

We believe in the simple calculation of more calories ingested more calories to be burnt.

Yes! You do need to burn those calories that you have consumed but don’t go overboard. Working out two to three times a day or exercising more than regular or doing more weights just to escalate the weight loss plan is not going to help. In your worry to burn the calories you may end up injuring yourself or experience a burnout with your exercise. Nothing in excess is good. Stick to your regular routine of exercise.

A healthy diet to adjust to your short term calorie deficit and regular exercise is what you need.


Enjoy the festival of colours and celebrate.

HOLI HAI……….!!
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