Dessert Time: Delicious Chocolate Shots

To relish in some desserts I like mousse. Of course, chocolate mousse.


Here's the recipe i'd like to share. It’s very easy and simple and can be made quickly.


Ingredients (For 8 small or 6 large glasses)

  • Sugar: 8 Tspn
  • Dark chocolate :50 grams
  • Egg: 1 (only yolk)
  • Whipped cream : 2 cups
  • Biscuits: Marie gold or krackers 3-4
  • Chocolate cake: 200 grams
  • Sprinklers and waffle stick for decoration




  • Whip cream in a clean dry bowl till it doesn't fall, if handled upside down.
  • Melt dark chocolate over a double boiler or in a microwave.
  • Beat egg yolk and mix with the melted chocolate.
  • Beat in powdered sugar in the same bowl.
  • Using cut and fold technique, mix the chocolate egg batter with the whipped cream. The mousse is ready.
  • Take a glass or short glass, put in crushed biscuits at the bottom, layer it with mousse, put chocolate cake over it in a layer ( crushed or whole as you prefer), layer mousse again on the top with sprinklers and waffle stick.



The chocolate shots are ready. Serve these when chilled.


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Mariyum Aaquib ( inas_and_mamas )

Omg dats my first artical

Mariyum Aaquib ( inas_and_mamas )

Aditi Ahuja Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Vidya Rathod Priya Sood Neha Agarwal do check

Neha Agarwal

Hearty congrats Mariyum! You deserve it. We chose it to become an article.

Priya Sood

Super!!! That's awesome. We love your posts. Keep them coming

Aditi Ahuja

Yummy dear..and I love chocolate to its like a treat for me..great going

Mariyum Aaquib ( inas_and_mamas )

Thanks for the appreciation; Neha Agarwal Priya Sood Aditi Ahuja


Amazing recipe.. I am trying this in weekend

renu (Renuka Parulkar)

Sounds like so much fun.its looking yummy



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