Meet Saakshi: She Makes Jewellery With Breast Milk And Baby Teeth

Meet Saakshi: She Makes Jewellery With Breast Milk And Baby Teeth

We wish our little ones could be little forever, don’t we? Unfortunately, we can’t stop them from from growing but one thing we can do is capture their special memories!
Saakshi Mehra’s venture aims to do just that. Her company, Mom’s Memoirs, designs and makes jewellery from breast milk, a baby’s cord stump, the first tooth and the first curl so that you can hold on to that special moment forever! How does this this mompreneur do it? Read on to find out!


My Mom Quotient:

They say dreams do come true if one has the conviction to make them real. 'Mom's Memoirs - Wear her Care' is that dream that I'm living today. Life showers enormous opportunities with a baggage of risks. My optimistic attitude and faith in the Almighty manifested my dreams.



My Mom Inc. Story: 



The kind of memories that only come once in your life but can last forever, in form of precious gems.

Our professionally preserved jewellery in gold and silver serves to offer precious mementos for a father, mother, son or a daughter in the form of rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks and tie pins.

Every piece of jewellery is handcrafted by me using premium quality raw materials to give that unmatched finish. It takes a whole lot of time - from milk preservation to the final product that you receive. (The preserving process is completely natural, without any use of harmful chemicals. The breast milk undergoes a drying and curing process, after which it is infused in jewellery.)


Who Inspired Me The Most:


The journey of motherhood, and especially being a first time mommy is an overwhelming experience. It is the birth of a mother along with the child, literally and it brings a mental and emotional shift.

When my son was born, I was head over heels in love with him. I saved his umbilical cord, his first curl, captured on camera every little 'first' of his, right from his first smile to his first day at school.

I breastfed him till he was almost 3 years old and once he grew older I found myself reminiscing feeding him as the bond felt magical. That's when the idea struck me as to why not seal this bond by creating a keepsake that takes you down memory lane of a baby’s little gurgles and angelic smiles?

My initial experimentation was with my sister's breast milk since she had a 9-month-old baby. After months of rigorous research and some of my initial experiments turning into an undesirable colour, I finally found the perfect blend between milk and chemistry.

My passion was to capture every little memory of my baby,' so I decided to cultivate this passion into a venture.


Advice For Mompreneurs:



Have faith in Yourself and the Almighty. Life is journey and it teaches us new lessons each day, its your passion and will to live your dreams which will lead you to your destination!


I Love BabyChakra Because....



The Journey of Pregnancy to Motherhood to the Birth of your Baby and Post that Innumerable queries, inhibitions, doubts cloud our minds.

BabyChakra is a one stop answer to this. A blessing in disguise indeed.


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