Role Of Father In Child Development

Role Of Father In Child Development

The role of the father in child development has always been very important but its interpretation has changed many times over the past years. While it also varies across cultures, many households have resorted to a progressive take on parenting as opposed to the previous setups.

Mothers are no longer solely responsible for the child’s upbringing and other needs and the father has evolved to be more than just being the breadwinner of the family.


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The role of a father for the complete development of a child into a self-sufficient individual is diverse. The level of involvement of the father in the child’s upbringing has a direct impact on its well-being and significantly influences the character, behavior, and personality of the child.

Below are the various roles that a father assumes in the child’s life:

The Shield:

Since generations fathers have been hailed as protectors and rightly so; a father needs to offer physical, mental, and emotional protection to the child. This also includes protection from insecurities. As a father, you must assure your child that you will always be there, so they can feel secure and fearless.


A father can assume the role of teaching the right values and principles to the kid. This includes:
• Values relevant to your beliefs and those required for personal and social development.
• The skills to enable the child to face the world.
• Basic life skills such as bathing, changing clothes, washing hands, etc.
• The lessons of self-worth.

Being an educator is a well-balanced approach that involves being firm as well as offering the right motivation.

Role Model:

This one cannot be emphasized enough. You must always lead by example. Modelling the right behaviour is the best way to convey the right values to kids. It not only shifts your role from mere preacher to role model it also gives them a sense of belief that what they are learning is indeed right.


The first friends a child ever has are his/her parents. As a father, you must always be there to listen to what they have to say without basing your reactions on prejudice or making judgments.

You must pick them up when they fall but also be available to get into the sand with them. When the kids get that corner in a father,  they learn better and do not hide things.

This helps in the creation of a positive and conducive environment at home.


You must be available to offer advice when they need it. Remember that there is a fine line between preaching and counselling. As a counsellor, you empathize with what they are going through and let them feel comfortable opening up to you. This way the child is not scared of you and seeks you out when faced with problems.

This is a Special Responsibility, Handle It Wisely

As a father, it is natural to feel overwhelmed sometimes with the  pressure of a constructive upbringing. However, when you start observing the impact of your thoughtful approach to the child’s character, you will realize that it is worth it.

Happy Parenting!

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