This Country's Prime Minister Is Unmarried, Pregnant And Going On Maternity Leave

The Prime Minister of a country is expected to be righteous and impeccable all the time, as s/he is considered to be a role model of his/her country. Now what will you say about a country who is very accepting of their pregnant, unmarried Prime Minister?


New Zealand is considered to be one of the most beautiful countries on earth. Not only is the island country blessed with beautiful flora and fauna, its countrymen are considered to be very progressive in their views.


Jacintha Ardern, New Zealand’s 37-year-old prime minister is pregnant with her long-term partner’s child. She is New Zealand’s third woman prime minister and the second woman in the country’s history to give birth while an elected head of state.


Her partner of four years, Clarke Gayford, will help Arden take care of the baby by becoming a stay-at-home dad. Gayford is a host of a popular fishing show called Fish of The Day.


Arden, who is the world’s youngest woman leader, said the couple's unwed status was not a "deliberate decision."

"It sounds terrible, because we're very committed to each other. [Marriage is] just not something we've really gotten around to.We haven't correctly sequenced, perhaps," she laughed.


Something like this might be scandalous for a nation like ours, where women who go even a little against societal norms are considered, “characterless.”


We are not demeaning the institution of marriage, but the very fact that New Zealand gives more importance to Arden’s calibre as a leader than her ability to follow certain traditional viewpoints shows how progressive the nation is.


Because the country had women leaders before her, Arden said she never had the sense she couldn't reach her goals. "The sentiment in New Zealand," she said, is that "people should have a fair go. They should have a shot, they should have a chance to prove themselves."


How long will we have to wait till we respect a person’s ability and candour more than his/her gender, caste and adherence to certain beliefs?


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