Why is Early Learning Important for Toddlers?

Why is Early Learning Important for Toddlers?

20 Apr 2018 | 3 min Read

Ashima Tewani

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There is no age of learning. The early you take the charge to learn, the early you understand the basics of life and deal with with the complicated situation which is actually the need of today’s era.


Here’re some reasons why “early learning” is important for  toddlers?


1. Children are able to understand the basic environment around us.

There is so much to learn from the natural environment like different colours of flowers, small and big trees, plants, herbs,shrubs,texture of each natural object , home and kitchen essentials and many more other things which are new for a child and he /she will surely engaged in understanding the outer world.


2. Minimise the screen time.

If a child is involved in activities like painting (finger or thumb painting), drawing of different creatures , flash card activities, educational activities (homemade),and various other workout based activities like cycling, watering plants, outdoor games etc. These outdoor and indoor activities not only increase the fine motor skills,sensory,intellectual but improves their overall development and minimise the screen time.


3. Make them ready for the school with less social pressure.

As we all know that early learning has already become started with the home and the people who resides in it. By the time they turn three, they are able to learn more languages and easily involve in acquired communication.which is very much important as kids have to start their new phase of life soon.


4. Modified them in to future civilized personality.

We should involve our kids in day to day chores like washing of clothes, cleaning, dusting and arranging of things etc. These activities not only make them independent but future responsible person.


Some goals that should be considered during early learning of toddlers are:

  • Provide a safe,gentle and nurturing environment.
  • Foster the growth and independence.
  • Promote respect for their environment and its diversity.
  • Refine gross motor skills and fine motor skills.
  • Develop their self identity,confidence and self belongings.
  • Foster the development of effective communication.


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